Jim Cornette On Who He Believes White Rabbit Teases Are For

White Rabbit Raw Tease

Jim Cornette has now given his thoughts on who he believes the white rabbit teases are for.

WWE has recently been gripping fans with intrigue with constant teases of the mysterious ‘white rabbit’ figure. The teases begun during a commercial break on the September 16th episode of Smackdown, when Jefferson Airplane’s song ‘White Rabbit’ was played was the crowd present in the arena.

Speaking on the latest episode of “Jim Cornette Experience“, the long-time wrestling personality discussed the on-going angle on WWE programming, and seemed to agree with the popular fan theory that this is indeed leading to the WWE return of Bray Wyatt:

“I mean, unless it’s somebody that we don’t know about to this point, it seems like it fits Bray Wyatt and or some sh*t that he’d come up with. And now this brings up an interesting thing. Because we said the last couple of goddamn years that we watched Bray Wyatt, holy sh*t, this is f*cking rotten. They liked him, the fans liked him with the Wyatt Family and the spooky lantern and the rocking chair, whatever, okay.

And then suddenly, he became an invulnerable supervillain The Fiend, had gasoline poured on him and set himself, didn’t set himself, but was set on fire and burned to a crisp, The Crispy Critter of Canyon Creek. And all this other Firefly Fun House supernatural hocus pocus lights going on and off people teleporting what the f*ck, get this sh*t away from me. But then he said, after he was let go, that it was Vince didn’t he? He was blaming Vince for a lot of the the creative. He wasn’t happy with it. This wasn’t what he wanted?

Cornette then gave his thoughts on Wyatt’s previous WWE run, and stated that Vince McMahon might be the reason for the bad creative associated with the Fiend’s character. He then added that with Triple H now in charge, things might be better for the former WWE Champion:

“So basically If that is true, we may need to give this guy another chance. If he comes back and it’s spooky and interesting and not silly and fake, then you know, well that would be swell. So we’ll see what happens but it sounds like kind of the stuff that Bray Wyatt was doing and then they got who was it, Alexa Bliss? [She] was tainted and her mind taken over by him and then she got his gimmick when he left and blah, blah, blah.

I’ll keep an open mind. Maybe they will tweak this from the way it was presented under Vince to the way that it wants to be presented under Triple H and that’ll be better or more adult or just not as bad. So we’ll see what happens. But if this is Bray, we’ll give him another chance.”

Speaking of Wyatt, he was recently spotted training with former Unified Welterweight Boxing Champion Keith Thurman and coach Kaye Wilson.

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