Jim Cornette Wades In On The Greatest Tag Team of All-Time Debate

Jim Cornette Midnight Express

Jim Cornette has had his say on the greatest tag team of all-time debate, saying that there are hundreds of teams better than two men who are multiple-time world champions.

Debate rages among wrestling fans in ‘greatest of all time debates’ whether it be about wrestlers, factions, tag teams, or commentators. As one of the greatest wrestling managers ever, who spent much of his career leading out tag teams, Jim Cornette is especially qualified to comment.

Speaking on his ‘Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru‘ podcast, Cornette responded to a question from a fan of whether DX was the greatest tag team of all time. While the fan posing the question didn’t specify if they were referring to the team of Triple H and Shawn Michaels that reunited in 2006 or other iterations in the group, Cornette encompassed all possibilities in his answer.

Cornette responded:

“The answer is yes, down through history, there have been numerous hundreds of tag teams better than those combinations that we just mentioned. And that’s not being disrespectful. I guess it might be most disrespectful to Road Dogg and Billy Gunn. But I mean, let’s face it, they were a good team and Road Dogg had the promo and Billy was a hell of an athlete and they were in a hot period in a good spot.”

“But they weren’t Nick Bockwinkel and Ray Stevens, or the Midnight Express or the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express or the Road Warriors or the goddamn Bruiser and Crusher or Rocca and Perez or on and on and on and on and on and on. So no, there was no combination of people in DX, either ones that actually worked as a team or ones that you could just make up that were the greatest tag team ever in the world? No.”

Michaels and Triple H held WWE tag team gold twice while under the banner of DX. The New Age Outlaws of Billy Gunn and Road Dogg together held the WWF Tag Team Championship five times before adding a run as WWE Tag Team Champions in 2014 to their accolades. DX as a whole entity was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2019. This was the same year as legendary tag teams Harlem Heat and The Hart Foundation were also inducted.

Credit: Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru

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