Jim Cornette Explains Why He Wasn’t A Fan Of W. Morrissey’s AEW Debut

Jim Cornette W Morrissey

While W. Morrissey impressed many with his AEW debut, legendary manager Jim Cornette wasn’t a fan.

On the May 4th episode of AEW Dynamite, MJF brought out a mystery opponent for Wardlow who turned out to be IMPACT star W. Morrissey, who was known as Big Cass during his time in WWE. Wardlow was victorious in the bout, beating Morrissey with a powerbomb.

Speaking on The Jim Cornette Experience, Jim Cornette revealed that while the 7 foot star looks impressive, he wasn’t a fan of his AEW debut and doesn’t see the wrestler as a star on the level of Wardlow.

“To me from the neck down he looks like great and he is 7 feet tall. Facially he looks 50 years old and like a bag of jiffy lube employee. I have never seen this guy wrestle, we weren’t watching WWE when he and Enzo Amore were a thing for a while. I wondered why they would let a 7 footer go, and now I know.

When it comes to star power, Jim Cornette believes that Wardlow is going to be successful on a big stage while W. Morrissey will remain at an independent level.

“This is my prediction, just so everybody knows, Wardlow is a star. He is the complete package, he’s got the size, the physique and he is a handsome man. He can move for that size but he also has the power. He’s got the body language and he can pull that sh*t off, he’s got f*cking oomph to him and he is picking this up, he is going to be a star.

“William Morrisey is 7 foot tall and has a pretty good physique but he is an indie guy and that is where is going to stay. He needs some work to compete at that high level promotions, his work is not necessarily anything to write home about. He’s got minor league personality and not a lot of charisma, comes off to me as a guy you would see working on top of indie promotions, but he’s not a major league star and he’s not going to be.

“That’s my prediction, Wardlow is going to be, William Morrisey is not. Somebody save this tape and in 5 years prove me wrong.”

Jim Cornette continued, noting that he was concerned about some of Wardlow’s offense in the match and that he doesn’t believe Wardlow should be selling for the likes of William Morrissey.

“Having said that, I said this last week, people don’t want to see Wardlow sell, even for a guy that’s bigger than he is, I think it is counter productive. Warlow did a moonsault off the top the rope, just because he can apparently. Wardlow over rotated and landed on the top of Morrisey, landed on his feet and could have broken his foot or blown his knee and then landed on top of him.

“But as long as Wardlow was looking good, they are into it. But when Wardlow starts selling, especially for a guy like the Butcher or William Morrisey, I’m not saying they are horrible, but they are never going to be stars, they need to be on indies working indies, because that is where they are going to stay. To see either of these guys beating the sh*t out of Wardlow is counter productive.”

Despite Jim Cornette’s hesitation about the segment, WWE was said to have been very impressed by W. Morrissey’s AEW debut after the bout.

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