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Jim Cornette Considers If Vince McMahon Is Erasing Triple H’s Legacy

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Wrestling legend Jim Cornette has discussed whether or not he thinks Vince McMahon is purposely trying to erase the legacy of his son-in-law, Triple H.

Triple H’s role in the hierarchy of WWE has been the subject of some discussion in recent months following the complete overhaul of NXT. The NXT brand was founded by Triple H in 2012 as a developmental brand before it grew into a third brand that could sell out the same arenas as Raw and SmackDown.

In September 2021, however, NXT as people knew it came to an end with the black and gold styling replaced by the multi-coloured facade of NXT 2.0. Many stars of the black and gold era were moved on and chose to leave the company altogether in the case of Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, and Johnny Gargano.

The first week of 2022 saw major changes on the brand behind the scenes as stalwarts such as William Regal, Road Dogg, and Samoa Joe were all let go among many other backstage personnel from the brand. Reports following those releases have suggested that Bruce Prichard is now directly overseeing NXT in addition to his roles on Raw and SmackDown.

Now Jim Cornette speaking on his Drive Thru podcast has discussed if he believes Vince McMahon is purposely picking apart Triple H’s legacy and how he believes the question of legacies is not one that McMahon would even consider:

“I think if you went up to Vince McMahon, even when he had all his faculties, much less today, and you said ‘Do you think you are erasing Triple H’s legacy?’ He would horse laugh in your face. He doesn’t think about anyone’s legacy except when he is buttering them up to be in the Hall of Fame.”

“He’s going with what Nick Khan says they need to do. He’s probably p*ssed of with NXT because he got up on the wrong side of bed, went down there, and saw a bunch of small interchangeable indy workers and not the talent that they had and the devoted audience that they had.”

Nick Khan wanted to change things up, and for whatever reason in Vince McMahon’s mind has latched on that all of these people did not get the job done so we will let Nick Khan do what he wants to do and we will do this, and [quotes Vince] ‘Bruce! Goddamn get me some stars like the Warrior.’ Or whatever, I don’t know.”

“But just doing it to erase Triple H’s legacy? He ain’t thinking about that, he’s thinking about business. He doesn’t care, Triple H is his son in law and I’m sure he is going to cuddle the grandkids at Christmas around the tree. But when Titan Towers opens up on the Monday he will cut his nuts off if he has to, because it’s business. But he’s not thinking about erasing anybody’s legacy.”

All of these changes have come about on NXT against the backdrop of Triple H not currently working full-time for the company following heart surgery after suffering a “cardiac event.”

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