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Jim Cornette Discusses Vince McMahon’s Bizarre Ability to “Jedi Mind Trick” People

Vince McMahon

Jim Cornette has lifted the lid on the legendary persuasive powers of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

While Vince McMahon is well known for his ruthless business acumen, and sheer force of will when it comes to implementing his ideas, he has also developed a reputation for being remarkably persuasive.

For years, WWE employees both past and present have spoken of walking into a meeting with the Chairman with one set of ideas, before walking out having agreed to something completely different without even realising it.

Speaking on a recent episode of his Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru podcast, the legendary manager discussed his own experience on the receiving end of McMahon’s “Jedi mind tricks.”

“If I could explain it, then it wouldn’t be a Jedi mind trick. He doesn’t get upset, he’s not mad or yelling. He comes at it like you want to explain yourself to him. Why do you want to do this? How is it going to be beneficial for you? Tell me all about it and then once you have, he can proceed to without doing it, pick apart everything that you have just said and somehow, bring you to the realisation that if you do the opposite of everything, it will work in reverse.

Sometimes, by the time he has finished, it’s like you have changed your own mind. He has agreed with you. If I could explain it, you wouldn’t fall for it and everyone could do it. I’ve done it and I have seen numerous other people go in with a set opinion of something, and however long later, leave that room happy that Vince was able to see things your way to where you are now going to be doing whatever he wanted you to do.

You’re convinced that something is the case until you talk to him about it. Then suddenly it’s like ‘Well why in the world did I think of it like that? Vince is so nice to explain this to me.’

I don’t know what he is doing now, but he used to be more commanding and have more of a presence. You would think that with age he would get better, but right now he is wearing lipstick and mumbling about an egg.”

Vince McMahon returned to WWE television at Survivor Series in November. McMahon initially appeared as part of a storyline which was set up to be a cross-promotion between WWE and hit Netflix movie Red Notice which starred WWE legend The Rock.

McMahon has remained part of WWE’s programming acting as a mentor to Austin Theory.

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