Jim Cornette Believes Vince McMahon “Wants To Take The Glory” For A WWE Sale

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon is back with WWE and the company will seemingly soon be officially up for sale.

While some within WWE are said to be worried about the future with McMahon back in the fold, it appears that a sale is inching nearer. The company have already begun to take steps to get the process moving, hiring JP Morgan to help with a potential deal.

Jim Cornette Comments On Vince McMahon’s Role In WWE Sale

Speaking on a recent episode of his podcast, The Jim Cornette Experience, the wrestling veteran said he believes McMahon is simply trying to take the glory when the company is sold. Although in reality he would prefer to keep running it long term.

“I’ll say right now he wants the big check, and he wants to be responsible for the sale and he wants to take the glory at this point. I think he may realise that it’s coming to an end one way or the other. Because here’s the thing, would Vince rather run the company for another five years and only get $2 billion for it then? Or would he rather get five or 6 billion now?

It’s the total on the tote board for Vince, he would consider that a bigger win that if he ran it longer and got less. He really would, he would consider he did a better job. So it wouldn’t be like I know I failed, it’d be like I’m doing a better job by doing this now, it’s the conditions of the world and the rights fees and everything. Now’s the time.”

According to Conrad Thompson, Nick Khan could also be set to benefit in a big way should WWE be sold. ‘The Podfather’ has claimed that Khan would net a pay-out worth more than 1 year of AEW’s current TV deal (believed to be around $19 million) should he oversee the sale of WWE.

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