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Jim Cornette Claims Recent Vince McMahon Segments Are “Damaging His Legacy”

Vince McMahon slaps Austin Theory

Wrestling legend Jim Cornette claims WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is tarnishing his legacy with his latest appearances on Raw alongside Austin Theory.

Vince McMahon has become a fixture on WWE television again since infamously showing up at Survivor Series with what he purported to be Cleopatra’s Golden Egg as part of a promotional tie-in with the Netflix movie, Red Notice.

Since then McMahon has taken a shine to Austin Theory and has appeared backstage with the young WWE Superstar in backstage segments on WWE’s flagship show.

According to the former manager of The Midnight Express speaking on his Jim Cornette Experience podcast, McMahon is starting to damage his considerable legacy with his recent appearances:

“Poor Austin Theory […] He’s got the physique, great looking kid, he can work and he’s a natural in the ring. But he is having to sit there and nod and react to the blatherings of [Vince McMahon]. The closed captions are gibberish, it cannot figure out what Vince is saying. Sometimes, because they talk over each other like when Austin is saying “Yes sir.” While Vince is saying something else, it can’t figure out any of it.”

“[…] So Theory has to do nothing but wait to react to the babbling, but I watched this twice. The first time was with the closed captions and it was f*cking hilarious, and the second time I watched for them interacting with each other. I still don’t watch it for the content, I don’t know what they are talking about.”

“‘Oh you’ll be in the Royal Rumble and you can challenge for any championship…’ And Theory’s mind is blown like this hasn’t been the case for the last however many years and everybody knows it. But otherwise, it’s Vince getting mad at being interrupted but saying “I like interrupting people. It shows you don’t care about them.” What’s going on here? Does someone need to tell Vince McMahon of all people that you are damaging your legacy by appearing on TV in this fashion?”

Austin Theory was one of the first six WWE Superstars announced for the men’s Royal Rumble match which will take place on January 29th.

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