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Vince McMahon & Bruce Prichard Will Be “The Last Stand” In WWE – Jim Cornette

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Jim Cornette explained why he believes Vince McMahon & Bruce Prichard will be “the last two employees in WWE.”

News broke on June 15th that Vince McMahon was investigated by the WWE Board of Directors for allegedly paying $3 million to a former employee with whom he had an affair.

It was also noted that that the board’s investigation has also unearthed older non-disclosure agreements that surround claims of misconduct made by other former female WWE employees that involve both McMahon and WWE’s Head of Talent Relations, John Laurinaitis, who has since been placed on administrative leave and replaced by Bruce Prichard in his absence.

Talent are reportedly concerned about Prichard taking on this role as he is also in charge of creative decisions.

Speaking on a breaking news audio podcast on his YouTube channel, Jim Cornette spoke about the decision to hire Prichard into this role instead of searching for someone else to take the position, and jokes that he shouldn’t be the one to take on all of the responsibilities in WWE, including popping popcorn at events.

“The new interim CEO Stephanie McMahon did not go on a worldwide search for the perfect Interim Talent Relations guy, it just has suddenly become the person who occupies the job as I believe the title is Executive Producer of both Raw and SmackDown, Bruce Prichard.

“Four years ago Bruce wasn’t even working there, and now Bruce comes back to be the executive producer of one show, and then Vince gets mad at Bischoff and sends him back to f*cking Montana or North Dakota, wherever the f*ck he’s at.

“And Bruce becomes the executive producer of both shows, and now Bruce is also the Interim Vice President of Talent Relations. As I told Joe Koff one time, he can pop the corn too Vince, but you might ought to prioritize at some point.

Continuing, the WWE Hall of Famer said that he believes McMahon and Prichard will be the last two employees of WWE as neither will be willing to leave the company under any circumstance.

“But here’s the thing, it’s it’s gonna be the f*cking, the last stand. Bruce Prichard and Vince McMahon will be the last two employees in the WWE.

“I went to the roof of Titan Tower a couple of times, they’ve got a nice little roof garden out there. They used to have a little barbecue every so often. I didn’t see a bell tower, but if things go sideways and a lot of people start demanding for Vince McMahon to leave the premises and never return, expect to find Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard in the roof garden (or bell tower if they can build one in time) on top of 1241 East Main Street.”

Elsewhere on the podcast, Cornette spoke about the former CEO’s surprise Raw appearance and elaborated on his belief that McMahon will “never go away.”

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