“Horsesh*t” – Jim Cornette On Triple H’s WWE Claims

WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H

Jim Cornette has slammed Triple H’s recent comments that Vince McMahon and WWE dragged wrestling out of bars as “obvious horsesh*t.”

Triple H caused some controversy recently when he appeared on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast with his comments on Vince McMahon’s influence on the wrestling business. The new WWE boss claimed that McMahon took “this tiny, little thing happening in bars” and turned it into a “big global sensation” in reference to what he did with WWE.

Many long-time wrestling fans pointed to the fact that the territories had been selling out arenas for years before Vincent Kennedy McMahon took over his father’s company.

Speaking on his Experience podcast, Jim Cornette who was both a fan and a worker during those halcyon days of wrestling gave his thoughts on Triple H’s comments, saying that he knows why Triple H made them but such claims make him doubt other things The Game might say:

“I know it’s the narrative or the rewriting of history that they’re trying as a company to, you know, put out there so it takes hold. But to me, for people who know better know that that’s not the case, then it diminishes and calls into question everything else he says when other things he’s saying are mostly true. So no, there is actually more pro wrestling right now in dingy bars than there ever was, because, in the territory days, nobody ran bars.”

“They all ran arenas or if there are spot show high school gyms, rec centres, whatever, if it’s a spot show in a small town, but every territory in existence ran either the major building or the secondary building in all of their regular towns, including Vince’s father, who ran Madison Square Garden, the Philadelphia Spectrum, the Boston Garden, the Baltimore Civic Centre, and the Pittsburgh Civic Arena, among others, when Vince was in his 20s or younger.”

“Triple H knows, and he has studied the business. But he has to you know, it’s his company now pal. So he’s got to say those things because that’s the story they’ve been telling all along and he has to keep up with it, but it to me it cast aspersions on the other valid points he makes when he throws that in and it’s obvious horsesh*t and most people know it.”

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