Jim Cornette Questions Triple H’s Backstage Return

Triple H Leaves boots in the ring WrestleMania 38

Wrestling icon Jim Cornette has given his typically candid views on Triple H making a return to WWE despite his recent health battles.

WWE is currently experiencing an unprecedented period of uncertainty as the investigation into Vince McMahon rumbles on. Stephanie McMahon has been named as interim WWE Chairwoman and CEO while her father steps back from those roles amid allegations of misconduct and pay-offs to former employees.

While the whole situation may be surprising, one of the biggest shocks was the apparent resurgence of Triple H in the company. The Game had been working with a lot lighter duties following surgery on his heart in September 2021.

Speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience, the former manager of The Midnight Express shared his forthright views on Triple H’s return to WWE and thinks he’d be better off relaxing with his feet up:

“I heard that [Triple H was back]. I don’t know whether it was a Tarzan yell followed by a f*cking grand gesture. And ‘I’m back!’ I think it was like ‘I’m back.’ You know, but it’s gotta be all hands on deck with what’s going on, but what’s he gonna do? It’d be like me going back to OVW right now. What am I going to do? Go to the corner gas station get a can of gasoline set the f*cking thing on fire?”

“They’ve burned it down already, and there’s nothing to work with. So yes, he’s back and I’m sure trying to help out the family. But what the f*ck, by the time that he would finish putting that thing back together in any kind of entertaining fashion, Vince will be back in the f*cking chair, he’ll have beaten the rap. And then there’s ‘Oh, thanks. Thanks, Hunter. We appreciate you dropping by and now we’re gonna fire everybody just put in place again.’”

“But it’s nice to know that he feels the call of duty to help the family even though he just had a god damn near-fatal heart condition, and ought to be home with his feet up. […] He’s got to go back to work with a bad heart. What the f*ck? I wonder if Triple H and Don Jr. and Stephanie and Ivanka could have any commiseration sessions going on with the things that their father puts them through?”

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