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Jim Cornette Believes The Fiend Would Be “Booed Out The Building” In AEW

The Fiend Bray Wyatt

Wrestling legend Jim Cornette believes former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt would be jeered mercilessly if he made the jump to AEW as The Fiend.

Bray Wyatt’s WWE release came as a shock when it was confirmed on 31 July 2021, thus ending his 12-year association with the promotion. At the time of his release, the former WWE Champion had been absent from television following the conclusion of his rivalry with Randy Orton.

With Bray Wyatt yet to compete outside of WWE, his future has been the cause of much speculation. Speaking on his Drive Thru podcast Jim Cornette thinks Wyatt could be well received in AEW but definitely not as The Fiend:

“What do you do to a guy in the wrestling business after you’ve f*cking burned him alive on national television? He’s pretty much done. He’s going to start over somewhere, doing something if he wants to stay in the wrestling business. And nobody’s going to give him seven figures a year to start over and do something different. And The Fiend would be roundly booed out of the building in AEW.”

“Maybe the guy Bray Wyatt, they’d love him. They can’t do The Fiend. The fans wouldn’t like it and they don’t have the budget. They ain’t going to pay Bray Wyatt millions of dollars to try something from scratch. So, he’s in a little bit of a pickle.”

h/t Sportskeeda