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Jim Cornette Says Recent WWE Releases Are “A Public Slap In The Face To Triple H”

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Jim Cornette has shared his incredulity at the latest rounds of WWE releases and believes people have been let go just because they were hired by Triple H.

In April 2021, WWE began releasing talent in batches throughout the year as the company sought to make “budget cuts.” Stars as different as Mickie James, Braun Strowman, John Morrison, and Ruby Soho were among over eighty names released by the company during the year.

Things have continued in the same regard in 2022 with NXT suffering a spate of backstage releases that included brand stalwarts such as Samoa Joe, Road Dogg, and William Regal.

Now wrestling legend Jim Cornette has discussed the latest NXT releases on his Jim Cornette Experience podcast and says WWE is just handing AEW opportunities to improve:

“It’s getting ridiculous now. Not only the public slap in the face to Triple H and quality people being let go that can obviously aide the company just because they were hired by Triple H. But also, it’s almost like they sit down and say ‘What could benefit AEW the most at this particular given time? And let’s give them some.’”

“Now they have given them so many wrestlers that AEW can’t put them all on television, but the one thing I think is plain to everybody, no once can argue, what AEW needs is quality coaches, trainers, and potentially somebody with a booking mind. So what does WWE do? ‘Here! Here is the best that we have got.’ It’s almost a rib.”

“They are addressing every one of their competition’s shortcomings by making people available. Sometimes the competition is not smart enough to avail themselves with these opportunities, but every time they can ascertain that our competition needs something, they immediately fire a bunch of people that fit those positions. It’s almost like Nick Khan doesn’t know how wrestling works, imagine that.”

Cornette then discussed his thoughts on the company getting rid of Samoa Joe less than a year after the former NXT Champion was let go and re-hired on the same day by Triple H:

“They fired Samoa Joe last year, and immediately Triple H hired him back because apparently, they hadn’t consulted him on that, so Triple H hires him back for NXT. They have the fiasco with Karrion Kross where they put the belt on him and then took it off of him.”

“They have him [Joe] back in the ring to get the belt off of him [Kross]. Then Karrion Kross goes to the main roster where he is split up from Scarlett and marginalised, made to look like an idiot, and then fired. Samoa Joe never defends the NXT title, even though he is probably in-ring one of the best champions they have ever had.”

“Instead, he relinquishes it because of an injury that we still have not been told what it was, he wrestled just fine but never wrestles again, and they fire him again. This guy can’t be a coach? This guy can’t be a trainer? He has done commentary, he is well-spoken. Plus, he can still go in the ring, because he just had a match with Karrion Kross 6 months ago.”

“Can you imagine Samoa Joe and Powerhouse Hobbs? If he [Joe] is still motivated after all he has been through, he knows all the young guys and is a generation ahead of most of the guys in AEW, but he knows how to work with younger guys and is impeccable in the ring for his gimmick. But they can’t find any way in the WWE to utilise Samoa Joe?!”

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