Jim Cornette Slams WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament

Jim Cornette

On the May 8th episode of WWE Raw, a tournament to crown a new World Heavyweight Champion began, but not everyone, including Jim Cornette, was a fan of how it went down.

The show featured two Triple Threat Matches with the winners squaring off in the main event. The same will happen on the May 12th edition of SmackDown and the winners from Raw and SmackDown will meet at Night of Champions to decide the new champion.

On Raw, Seth Rollins defeated Damian Priest and Shinsuke Nakamura in his Triple Threat Match before pinning Finn Balor in the main event.

Looking back at the show on his podcast, The Jim Cornette Experience, the legendary manager questioned why WWE was holding such a convoluted tournament. Cornette went on to explain that the inclusion of SmackDown stars for a Raw exclusive World Title makes little sense.

It has been reported that this was done in an effort to boost TV ratings.

“You’re gonna have to back up a minute because triple threat matches—I don’t want to bury one of the ledes, but Jesus, we can’t even get a tournament with legitimate matches and eliminations among top people? We have to have this triple threat horses***?

But he just said, ‘Across both brands.’ Well, how does that work then if the guy’s exclusive to Raw? If one of the SmackDown people wins it that has just been drafted from Raw to SmackDown, then do they have to go back, or if they’ve been drafted and were already on SmackDown to begin with, they now automatically would go to Raw? Why are you giving SmackDown people a chance at a title that’s going to be exclusive to Raw to begin with?”

Jim Cornette Claims New World Championship Doesn’t Make Sense

On an earlier episode of his podcast, Cornette questioned why WWE had even introduced a new World Championship in the first place. The veteran suggested that the move makes little sense, commenting that an interim title would have been more logical.

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