Jim Cornette Slams “Stupid” Vince Russo Over Recent “Idiotic” Rhea Ripley Rant

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette has scoffed at recent comments from Vince Russo where he criticised WWE’s presentation of Rhea Ripley.

Russo sparked outrage on social media by claiming that Ripley needed to “get rid of the Goth stuff,” adding that he wanted to “really see what a beautiful woman she is.”

In response to the comments, Jim Cornette gave some thoughts of his own on Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru. Unsurprisingly he laughed off Russo’s analysis while pointing out that fans have gotten behind the star for the very things that the former WWE writer believes need to be changed.

“He thinks everyone should look like his plastic idol Sable did in 1998. He’s scared of an actual star-looking woman. He thinks they won’t accept her as a babyface because she’s got that — That look is why they’re accepting her now. It’s also not only more modern but it’s different and she looks like she needs to be in an action movie.”

The legendary manager said that Russo had completely missed the point given that Ripley changed her look dramatically earlier in her WWE career making her stand out more.

“Dip sh*t, he brings up the perfect point as to why so many potential talents get disrupted, because he wants to take someone that changed herself from that look that looked like everybody else, into somebody that looks completely different and is a more unique personality.”

Cornette went on to compare Ripley with Sable while praising her in-ring work and promo ability.

Rhea Ripley Going To WrestleMania

Rhea Ripley is currently enjoying the best run of her career as the enforcer for Judgment Day. Her role within the group has led to comparisons to WWE legend Chyna, while her physical interactions with male stars have also caught the attention of fans.

At the Royal Rumble, Ripley entered the women’s Rumble match at number one and went on to win. This earned her a shot at the women’s title of her choosing. On the following episode of Raw, the star chose to face Charlotte Flair as an act of revenge for her defeat to The Queen at WrestleMania 36.

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