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Jim Cornette Slams AEW Star Over Physique And Lack Of Charisma

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette has blasted a current AEW star for having the “charisma of a cabbage” as he remains baffled by their rise up the card.

2022 has been a landmark year in the career of Wheeler Yuta. After signing with AEW the year before, the young star has begun to make progress up the card, earning acclaim from fans along the way.

In late March, Yuta began to attract the attention of the newly created Blackpool Combat Club, and more specifically William Regal. After a wild brawl with Jon Moxley on the April 8th edition of Rampage, a bloody Yuta was finally accepted into the group.

However, not everyone has been quite so impressed.

During a recent edition of his Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the wrestling veteran cast his eye over the recent Casino Battle Royale on Dynamite. In the match, Yuta returned from a short stint in Japan, lasting well into the final stages.

In breaking down the match, Cornette explained in no uncertain terms that he does understand the appeal of the young star. During the conversation, Cornette was asked what he’d got against Yuta, before delivering a withering assessment of the Blackpool Combat Club member.

“Between him [Yuta] and [Daniel] Garcia who have they got the pictures of? Garcia. They have every… Yuta’s got something. Yuta has got some kind of God damn evidence on somebody. From every top star in the company doing everything they can to get Yuta over I’m sorry.

He’s a nice young man, he’s very athletic, he’s got the charisma of f*cking cabbage, he’s bland and thin, and they’ve got people running around in the company already that with that level of push would be amazing. But because I guess he does a good imitation of a Japanese wrestler, he’s got to get pushed instead of the fucking money potential here.

So he dumps Hobbs [out the Battle Royale] which is like trading your house for a tent is a wise man once said.”

Wheeler Yuta recently returned to AEW after short spell with New Japan Pro Wrestling where he entered the Best of the Super Juniors Tournament. He ended with a record of five wins and four losses, which earned him ten points. Although he failed to advance to the finals.

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