Jim Cornette Shoots On Relationship With Dave Meltzer

Jim Cornette on Dave Meltzer

Jim Cornette has not held back on his thoughts on Dave Meltzer and says the Wrestling Observer journalist quite simply has “lost his f*cking mind.”

Jim Cornette is a legendary wrestling manager turned booker and promoter and these days is best known for not holding back on his views on just about anything on his two weekly podcasts.

Dave Meltzer is a noted wrestling journalist that has been at the forefront of that industry for decades. These days, however, it seems that he and Cornette just can’t get along.

Speaking exclusively to Inside The Ropes’ Kenny McIntosh, Jim Cornette did not hold back when discussing his feelings on the noted wrestling journalist and begins by saying the fallout started because of their very differing opinions on modern wrestling:

“He has lost his f*cking mind. A lot of people say that I am crazy, but at least I am honest, I am just opinionated. But again, I don’t know why it is so important to him, it is like I am criticising members of his family. I know that people have got to think that there is more going on but there is nothing going on. There has never been a cross word between me and Dave Meltzer that did not involve his, I guess, smear campaign against me because I just think that his favourite wrestlers suck.”

“We have known each other for 35 f*cking years. Remember in the 1980s, Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer gave a negative 1 star to an Ultimate Warrior match. ‘He’s the complete sh*ts.’ Made fun of The Junkyard Dog when he got fat and called him the Junk Food Dog. He adds humour to his critiques that he stole from my old friend Weasel Dooley, but he acknowledged when a match was bad or a wrestler was bad or something was stupid. But now he says that it works in the room.”

“Yes, The Ultimate Warrior who you mocked and rightfully so because he was a sh*tty wrestler. But it worked in the room at the time in the WWF because the fans were going insane for him. It was mass hypnosis, Vince got him over for a short period of time but he still sucked, you said that then. You do not say that now, because it is his favourite style of wrestling, trampolines and gymnasts.”

Jim Cornette then went on to explain that he used to stand up for Meltzer to other wrestling figures such as Eric Bischoff, but he no longer has time for the man he says was “slandering him in public”:

“At first I tried to, I didn’t just want to start cutting promos on Dave, we have known each other for 35 years. He’s been to my house, I have never been to his house, and we have exchanged Christmas cards. But I would see it on Twitter or on his show ‘Why did Dave say this?’ [Meltzer would respond] ‘Well Cornette doesn’t know anything about wrestling now. History is great but now, no.’ Because I didn’t like Twinkle Toes [Kenny Omega] and his clown show.”

“That’s who Dave has been pushing for the last 5 years or whatever. But then I started joking and tried to laugh it off. ‘Well weed is legal in California, that is why Dave likes The Young Bucks.’ And he lost his mind again and he continues to lose his mind on a regular basis on Twitter.”

“‘Cornette doesn’t know anything. He won’t learn!’ ‘Hey Dave, what do you want for lunch?’ ‘Well, Jim Cornette don’t know!’ And finally, I had to get with him and say ‘Look motherf*cker. I have never attacked you, I have defended you when Eric Bischoff and all those other con men said ‘Dave made sh*t up.'”

“Dave is great with history and always tried to report news factually and clarify when he has made an error. And I have never found anything over 30 years to be just ridiculously contrived, I have always thought that Dave was level-headed. A little odd socially, but that was it.”

“Suddenly he couldn’t stay off of me and would say that I don’t know what the f*ck I am talking about because I don’t like his favourite wrestlers. That’s when I told him what the f*ck. If this is the way it’s going to be then we are done. We are not going to be friends because you are slandering me in the public eye and I ain’t going to put up with it.”

“Then he emailed me saying ‘I heard the show and you did a great political commentary last week.’ I emailed back saying ‘F*ck you, you used to be my friend and you are not anymore because you slandered me. So leave me the f*ck alone.’ So now he has resorted to tweeting about me and [saying] I don’t know anything about wrestling. But he has blocked his replies so that people can’t get back on him and say ‘What the f*ck are you talking about, we hate this sh*t.’”

Jim Cornette finished by saying he wasn’t the one that began the ill feeling between the two men but sends one last message to Meltzer:

“You can’t reply to Dave on Twitter now unless he follows you or you follow him or you send him $9.99. I didn’t initiate the breakup, I wasn’t the one telling the world that Dave Meltzer doesn’t know what he was talking about and refused to learn anything. I was the one saying that Dave is an honest guy and he has his history down and reports things factually.”

“But then he starts slandering me, so f*ck you Dave if you are listening to this! I’m sure you are because it is me talking about you. Take the knife out of your back and stick it up your own ass!”

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