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Jim Cornette Shoots Down Bizarre Vince McMahon Car & Mirror Myths

Vince McMahon

Jim Cornette has dispelled some of the stranger superstitions that have been attributed to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon over the years.

Speaking on his Cornette’s Drive-Thru podcast, Cornette was answering questions from fans. He was asked if he could shed any light on the theory that Vince McMahon did not like mirrors and had them removed from his office in arenas across the country.

A dubious Jim Cornette answered:

“All I can tell you is Vince’s office in any arena they are in, that’s one of the prime locations that they pick out first. Because in the major arenas, they are a labyrinth of offices and private dressing rooms and locker rooms, or rooms with a mirror and lights and an adjoining bathroom that talent can be in privately because of all the concerts and the pro-sports and television productions that these major arenas do. In the smaller buildings – I’ve mentioned before in the early days of Raw, we would go to some real f***ing doozies.”

“It was harder to find a good place but wherever they would always get a room that was big enough for Vince and/or several people to have a meeting in. For Vince to have all of his stuff – his books. That’s the inner sanctum where you go and talk to Vince, or you’re summoned to talk to Vincecor whatever. You stand out if you’re the boys, you stand out in a line outside when he’s receiving. We’ve all heard those stories. It needs to be somewhere near Gorilla so it’s not all the way hell and gone – it needs to be convenient for him. I never once heard of a mirror needing to be removed or saw a mirror removed from any of the rooms that he ever used as an office.”

The question also asked if there was any truth to the rumour that McMahon believed cars could communicate with one another. Leading to Vince McMahon always parking his own car well away from others.

Cornette was even more skeptical and for good reason:

“I have ridden with Vince and I have driven Vince in cars and we always got preferential parking because he’s f***ing Vince McMahon and he’s either renting the building or owning the company. He had some kind of Goddamn gimmick Hertz car that I’ve never heard of and I don’t know if it’s actually a publicly acknowledged thing where he could rent a car from Hertz and just leave it sitting anywhere. Outside of baggage claim at the airport, at a f***ing hotel, downtown at a parking lot, and they would come and get it. So he always had preferential parking of some description. But he never once told me or did I observe him parking away from other cars to prevent them from communicating with each other.”

“He’s got more than two cars in his f***ing garage! At the mansion in Greenwich, he has either a three or four-car garage. I can’t remember but it’s bricked in, a beautiful brickwork compound where you drive into a – it looks like a Goddamn funeral home, it’s so stately. And all of his cars are there in his garage and I never observed any of them having a conversation with each other.”

Jim Cornette then told a story relayed to him by McMahon about the volatile WWE Chairman having a run-in with his own garage door.

Cornette explained:

“There was one time – he is short-tempered. He was by himself one time, he told us this story, me and Bruce [Prichard]. He’s by himself and he gets into one of his jeep-like vehicles that cost money. He gets in it, he’s gonna go to the little store down the street and get himself some lunch or whatever – a turkey sandwich with light mustard. And he hits his garage door opener thing and starts his car and pops it into f***ing reverse without looking and steps on the gas.”

“He assumes the door’s open but the garage door-opener thing – either he didn’t hit it right or it didn’t f***ing connect and he backed into his garage door. Boom! Then he looked up, saw it, and got mad so he pulled up, put it in reverse, and backed through the motherf***er. He went to the store, got f***ing lunch, and then came back and called somebody and had a new garage door put on.”

Jim Cornette then mentioned the one foible Vince McMahon does have, that makes the theory about mirrors even more doubtful:

“The one peccadillo he does have is he’s fastidious about his appearance. What would he be saying in a room with no f***ing mirrors? I mean he shaves in the back seat of the car with an electric razor without looking in the mirror. He just does that like other people play with change or like his dad played with quarters. he shaves with an electric razor. He ties his tie, he sprays his hair. Apparently he does his make-up or has it done these days.”

Cornette also recently took issue with Stephanie McMahon’s assertion that WWE employs up to sixty data analysts to track trends and help tell their stories.

Credit: Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru

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