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Jim Cornette Launches Scathing Attack On Kevin Dunn – “F**k You, You Bucky Beaver Piece Of S**t”

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette has not minced his words when it comes to long-time WWE Executive Vice President Kevin Dunn, verbally attacking the man responsible for WWE’s TV production.

Cornette has had a well-publicised dislike of Kevin Dunn since the two men worked together in what was the World Wrestling Federation in the mid-nineties.

Speaking on his Drive Thru podcast, Jim Cornette was asked about Michael Cole’s recent comments about being “an actor” on WWE programming while on his SmackDown colleague Pat McAfee’s show and how that kind of feeling of playing a character is influenced by Kevin Dunn:

“I have worked with Michael Cole, I was there when he first started. I like the guy and I have never had any arguments with him. The fact that he said that, I would normally say that he’s a piece of sh*t and I probably won’t ever speak to him again if it arises because he said that. But yes, he got that from Kevin Dunn.”

“That’s what Kevin Dunn thinks, he doesn’t like the wrestlers or the fans. He goes out of his way to tell people to say things like that or to believe things like that. I don’t know if Michael Cole believes it, but he’s said it because he has heard sh*t like that from Kevin Dunn and Michael Cole was Kevin Dunn’s boy.”

“He [Cole] was not a wrestling person, so Kevin naturally liked him. So I hate to hear that somebody that I have never had an issue with personally has to say bullsh*t like that but it’s indicative of the f*cking pr*ck that Kevin Dunn is.”

“[…] Kevin Dunn is not a man, he has never had a fight in his life. He is a suck-up sycophant that’s f*cking blown Vince for 40 years to keep a job that he obviously never wanted to begin with. He just took it to begin with to make money and has been trying to get out of it for 40 years to become a Hollywood producer and win Emmys.”

Jim Cornette then abandoned his good-feeling towards Michael Cole as the subject appeared to make him angrier as he went on:

“F*ck Kevin Dunn and Michael if you hear this f*ck you too for being a piece of sh*t and not respecting the business that you have been making a living of for 25 years. F*ck all of you, how’s about that. F*ck you Michael and f*ck you Dunn again you bucky beaver piece of sh*t.”

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