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Jim Cornette Says Tommy Dreamer “Made Wrestling Look Worse” On Dark Side Of The Ring

Tommy Dreamer

Jim Cornette has weighed in on comments made by Tommy Dreamer during the recent ‘Plane Ride from Hell’ episode of wrestling documentary series, ‘Dark Side of the Ring’.

The ‘Plane Ride from Hell’ took place following the UK exclusive pay-per-view Insurrextion in May 2002. During the now infamous flight, several performers were involved in incidents that would result in fines, lawsuits and, in the cases of Scott Hall and Curt Hennig, releases from the company.

During the episode, a flight attendant seemingly alleged that she was sexually harassed by Ric Flair. Dreamer made comments on this incident that caused immediate controversy on social media. Soon after the show aired, Dreamer was indefinitely suspended by IMPACT Wrestling, where he is currently used both as on-screen talent and in a backstage creative role. Dreamer has since released a statement apologising for the comments.

On a recent episode of ‘The Jim Cornette Experience‘, the legendary manager said he couldn’t understand why Dreamer said what he did.

“He didn’t say this 20 years ago, he said this last month or whenever they taped it. I couldn’t understand it and as I mentioned to Evan [Husney], it seemed like it was a personal thing. He was antagonised towards this woman, maybe she didn’t bring the service cart by and bring him peanuts or whatever. He couldn’t have possibly seen her statements or how well she could have possibly come off, they don’t show you the other interviews when you are talking.

Cornette went on to say that Tommy Dreamer came off as “not just flippant, but aggressive” towards the flight attendant.

“The Juxtaposition was especially bad for Tommy, because here is this nice woman, and he insinuates she took a payoff to shut up and they should prosecute this horrible person. That was a bad attitude to have, not just flippant but aggressive towards this woman, who by that point everyone in the viewing audience liked and felt sorry for.”

He also took aim at Dreamer claiming that “everybody gets offended these days”, saying that it was flippant and “made wrestlers and wrestling look worse”.

“I can see if you tried to convey the fact that everyone who knows Flair would say ‘No, he didn’t have any ill intent and he wasn’t trying to harm someone, he didn’t get it.’ He was trying to say that in some way. But he turned around and just buried himself and said ‘Well everyone gets offended these days, people are going to be offended by my hair.’ Well that may be, it’s a rotten head of hair, but it had nothing to do with what the f*ck they were talking about. To think that Everybody would get offended at this because all of these assholes acted up, and Flair is flinging the hammer around. It was flippant and it made wrestlers and wrestling look worse.

“You wouldn’t have a guy out there saying ‘Guys in the football team do a lot of sh*t in the locker room that they shouldn’t be doing in the lobby of the Holiday Inn Express.’ Just explain these guys were out of control and shouldn’t have been doing this, but they are good people. They wouldn’t harm anyone on purpose, that type of thing. But he is just going ‘Well f*ck this girl.’”

Cornette finished by saying that he was taken by surprise by the comments.

“I don’t know why he did that. I’ve never had an argument with Tommy and I’ve always thought that he was a reasonable, level headed person than the person that said those things, that surprised me. Maybe he is having a bad day but then he went there and I was like oh sh*t.”

As well as the suspension of Tommy Dreamer, the Dark Side of The Ring episode has also led to an ad campaign by ‘CarShield’ featuring Ric Flair being “paused” while the company carries out “due diligence”.