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Jim Cornette Says FTR “Embarrassed Themselves On National TV”


Jim Cornette has taken to Twitter to say FTR “embarrassed themselves” on national TV, saying a tweet from Dax Harwood “didn’t age well” following their Dynamite match.

Responding to said tweet, Cornette would tell the AEW pairing not to invoke his name before “doing high school cheerleading routines” with a “circus sideshow attraction” – following FTR’s match with Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt.

“This didn’t age well–if you’re going to do high school cheerleading routines with a circus sideshow attraction instead of what you promise to do, and embarrass yourself on national TV in the process, don’t invoke my name before you do it.”

The tweet was in response to Harwood saying “This shit kicking is all in the name of Jim Cornette” – saying Marko Stunt embarrasses the business ahead of their match.

FTR and Jurassic Express clashed on Night 2 of New Year’s Smash with Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler picking up a win over Marko Stunt and Jungle Boy in a match heralded across the internet as Marko Stunt’s best showing in an AEW ring. However, Jim Cornette – who is usually full of praise for FTR – wasn’t a fan.

Cornette recently weighed in on comparisons between Undertaker and Sting, saying Undertaker was “on another level” – which you can read about here.