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Jim Cornette Claims It Would Be “Ridiculous” If AEW Signed Jeff Hardy

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Wrestling legend Jim Cornette has warned AEW off from signing recently released WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy saying such a move would be “ridiculous.”

Jeff Hardy has been at the centre of recent controversy himself. News emerged on the 9th of December that Hardy had been released from his WWE contract just days after he was sent home from a live event. Reports then emerged that Hardy had turned down WWE’s offer of going to rehab which led to his release.

Matt Hardy has since spoken publicly about the situation and has told fans that there is no reason to be worried about Jeff and says he supports his brother’s decision this time round not to attend rehab.

Many wrestling fans have been excited by the prospect of Matt and Jeff reuniting in AEW as The Hardy Boyz one more time but Jim Cornette has cautioned all sides against moving towards making that happen just now.

Speaking on his Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the former manager of The Midnight Express was unequivocal in his view that a move to AEW right now for Jeff Hardy would be madness:

“Now here’s the question. Obviously, everyone is thinking ‘Oh now we will get The Hardy Boyz reunited.’ [in AEW]. Seriously do you think [that]? I know everyone wants that to happen, but right now that would be ridiculous.”

“Even Tony Khan has to realise that yes short term it would be a huge pop, but if you don’t address the problem he had before, is he going to have it in another place? Is it because it would be a lower pressure environment, well sometimes a lower pressure environment brings out bad habits instead of hindering them. Or would it be a low-pressure environment that he would be happy in and these things wouldn’t happen?”

“The point is, you’ve got to think twice because you are taking a chance. If you were to think that he would hop over to AEW, and any of these things we have mentioned would happen there, then they would look like complete f*cking idiots.”

Cornette continued by saying he thinks the former WWE Champion should take some time for himself before making his next move in wrestling:

“I’m sure the fans would love to see Jeff Hardy there, they would pop for him short term and it would be a boost, but there’s potential liabilities as well. One of them is, should Jeff take the time for this to happen again before he decides where he is going to wrestle.”

“I refuse to believe that one of these young men are hurting for money at this point. The fact that they live in North Carolina, they got beautiful places that you can get in North Carolina without being a big movie star. I don’t think he needs to work right now, that’s my assumption of things.”

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