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Jim Cornette – “Rhea Ripley Should Be The Top Woman In The Company”

Rhea Ripley

One of the headline moments of night two of WrestleMania 37 saw Rhea Ripley dethrone RAW Women’s Champion Asuka.

It was a victory that meant all three major WWE women’s championships changed hands over the course of WrestleMania week.

Appraising Ripley’s landmark win on his podcast, Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru, the legendary manager praised Ripley, commenting that she should be the top woman WWE, adding “I like me some Rhea Ripley.”

Cornette continued, detailing how WWE could potentially make millions off of their new star.

“Rhea Ripley is a movie star. Rhea Ripley is an action movie star. Rhea Ripley should be the top woman in the company. She should have other women fed to her and maintain an undefeated record while they make the most money out of her while they possibly can, which would be millions, and get her involved in some major motion pictures and sitcoms baby, ‘Cause she’s got the look.”

The long-time podcast host went on to break down what he believes makes Ripley so effective. While he admits that her WrestleMania match with Asuka was a clash of styles, Cornette also praised Ripley’s in-ring style and persona.

“This, and I was afraid it was gonna be, is a clash of styles… These are two types of performers. Rhea Ripley is a worker, Asuka is a high-spot worker. She wrestles like all the other Japanese girls, at 100 mph doing everything she can do, even if it’s done well, she does high-spots and goes from one gymnastics routine to the other. Rhea Ripley is a worker… As a worker she’s probably one of the best girls in the business right now. When I say work I’m not talking about the way that she performs moves. She’s a worker. She takes her time, she different gears, she slows it down sometimes and gets personality in, then she picks up the intensity. She’s got facials, she f***ing heels, she actually heels and slaps the f***ing girl in the back of the head and in condescending. She has a look on her face that’s disdainful, she does trash talking, she has attitude. And she works with her body language, the way she sells sh*t, she works like a guy.”

Cornette expanded further, explaining that ‘working like a man’ was always viewed as being a complement and that’s how it applies here. He was however critical of the match itself, questioning the logic of Ripley taking a DDT from the ring to the floor, before beating winning the match with what is effectively a Pump-Handle Slam. Closing by saying that “it was the right result but the wrong opponent for Ripley to really shine.”

Elsewhere in is WrestleMania 37 review, Jim Cornette also praised the in-ring debut of Omos. Teaming with AJ Styles, the giant won the RAW Tag Team Titles from The New Day. During his review of the match, Cornette commented that WWE “have something” with Omos.

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