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Jim Cornette Reveals Why He Now Loves Miro


Jim Cornette has revealed he has done a complete about-turn on an AEW star after previously disliking their work and now loving their presentation.

Cornette is not known for his love of things he deems to be ‘silly’ in wrestling and so was not a fan when Miro turned up in AEW as the video-game playing sidekick of Kip Sabian.

Now, however, Miro is a completely different beast in AEW. As TNT Champion he took no prisoners and seemed to take joy in picking apart opponents such as Fuego Del Sol with ease. Having lost that title The Redeemer seems more dangerous than ever and after being a last-minute substitution for Jon Moxley in the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament, Miro made the most of the opportunity by submitting Orange Cassidy.

Speaking on his Jim Cornette Experience podcast, Jim Cornette expressed his joy and adulation for this new Miro:

“I never thought I’d say this – I love Miro. I love Miro. If they’d have given me this Miro at the start I would have never said a bad thing about Miro. Another one of the pre-tapes where he warned God, he threatened God, he questioned God, and now apparently God has buckled and Miro’s in the tournament because he’s gonna fill in for Moxley. Is he writing this stuff himself? If he is, it’s fantastic.”

“Now I’m laughing about it (how he was used at first) because now I’m like, this complete imbecile that was used as a joke and a job guy, palling around with goofs and underneath guys, and they’re throwing video games around. And they had this underneath that somewhere. I just… I laugh.”

“He’s not winking at us. Everything in wrestling is outrageous or preposterous or whatever, what made it was the fact that whoever was delivering it looked like they meant it. And then you could say – instead of ‘That’s bullsh*t’ – ‘He’s crazy’, or whatever. He looks like he means this. I don’t know where (Kip) Sabian is but I hope he never comes back.”