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Jim Cornette Reveals The Consequences Of Jim Neidhart Turning On Butch Reed

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Jim Cornette has told the story of former WWF Tag Team Champion, Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart, having to change in a broom closet after turning babyface on the late Butch Reed.

After making the switch from Georgia Championship Wrestling to Mid-South Wrestling in 1983, the late, great Jim Neidhart formed an alliance with ‘Hacksaw’ Butch Reed which captured the Mid-South Tag Team Championships from Jim Duggan and Magnum TA on October 12, 1983.

However, their reign last only seventy four days and after the pair dropped the straps to Magnum TA and Mr. Wrestling II on December 12, 1983, the man who would be know as ‘The Anvil’ turned babyface on the rough, tough Reed which caused complications of its own when it came to where the powerhouse could change in the locker room.

Now, Jim Cornette has taken to his Drive-Thru to talk about the complications Neidhart faced after turning on Reed and how Bill Watts would no longer allow him to dress with the heels in order to protect kayfabe:

“Jim Neidhart switched from heel to babyface on Butch Reed on his way out of the territory and had to dress in a broom closet. Watts wouldn’t let him dress with the heels or the babyfaces because he was in the middle of the turn on TV, so in some places they’d seen him turn babyface , so he could go ahead and dress with the babyfaces, but in some places they hadn’t seen him turn yet, but he couldn’t dress with the heels because he had actually turned, so he would dress in a broom closet. In Houston one night he came out of a f***ing janitor’s door.”

Following the split, Reed and Neidhart went to war on several Mid-South shows with their bitter rivalry coming to a conclusion in Houston Wrestling on February 24, 1984, in a Football Helmet Match with Neidhart doing the job for Reed on his last night with the territory.

After walking away from the NWA – albeit temporarily – Neidhart visited New Japan Pro Wrestling, Continental Wrestling Association and Championship Wrestling From Florida before finally arriving in the World Wrestling Federation where he initially competed as a singles star before forming The Hart Foundation with brother-in-law, Bret Hart.

Credit for the interview: Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru