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Jim Cornette Recalls Spending His Bachelor Party Watching Wrestling

Jim Cornette FTR

Jim Cornette has recalled his incredible bachelor party that saw him and a select band of friends spend their night watching wrestling matches.

Cornette was answering questions on his ‘Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru‘ podcast when a listener asked about his bachelor party. Referencing a story told on his own podcast by Bruce Prichard, the fan asked if it was true that Cornette had spent his last night of freedom in a hotel room watching wrestling rather than a night on the town.

For Cornette, the alternative to what transpired happened every other night:

“Here’s the thing, debauchery was every night on the road. I had Weasel Dooley in, I had Dennis Coralluzzo came down, Frank Chile, Bruce came over from Houston because it was in Dallas because that’s where my first wife’s family was.”

“Paul Boesch [the legendary Houston promoter] did come because Bruce told him I was getting married and he asked if he could come and I said ‘of course Paul Boesch can come’. But I wasn’t gonna ask Paul Boesch nor would he have probably wanted to come to my bachelor party. I saw Dennis and Frank once a month in Philly and I didn’t see Bruce that much at that point in time. I didn’t see Weasel because he was in Louisville, so it was a number of guys that I didn’t see very often.”

“Well f*ck I’m on the road messing around every night. But for this particular festivity, we got several VCRs and a bunch of wrestling tapes, and sat there and had an enjoyable time watching wrestling tapes. I didn’t drink, none of that bunch were big drug users or whatever. There was a female acquaintance of mine in one of the rooms in that hotel just in case somebody got bored for a period of time but there was no big folderol going on.”

Jim Cornette has also recently given his thoughts on old rival Paul Heyman’s recent efforts on SmackDown, calling the Special Counsel to Roman Reigns ‘f*cking fabulous.’

Credit: Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru

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