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Jim Cornette Reacts To AEW Debut Of Brock Anderson

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Jim Cornette has given his thoughts on the debut of second-generation star Brock Anderson after he had his first outing on AEW Dynamite teaming with another second-generation star, Cody Rhodes.

Anderson was introduced to the AEW audience on the 11th of June edition of AEW Dynamite. Brock joined Rhodes and his father Arn Anderson before it was announced that Brock and Rhodes would be facing The Factory’s QT Marshall and Aaron Solow the next week in tag team action.

In that match, the young Anderson was able to pick up his first victory in his debut match when he hooked a deep jackknife pin on Aaron Solow. Afterward, a proud Arn Anderson entered the ring to raise his son’s hand.

Someone who is no stranger to Arn Anderson is legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette. On his Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the outspoken Cornette gave his thoughts on Brock Anderson’s debut.

Cornette said:

“Do you know what I thought was the best segment on the whole programme, the best piece of business on the whole programme? The Brock Anderson segment, here’s the thing they weren’t fair to this guy but he did way better than he should’ve. And between QT and Cody and even this Solow, they at least kept this thing moving. It made some sense and at one point Cody Rhodes was making a comeback and the heels were bumping and it looked almost like a pro wrestling match from back when they had those things.”

“But this was not fair. This is where you need OVW, this is where you need the original purpose behind NXT, not as national TV but as a training program. This is where you need independents with promoters running them that know what they’re doing, and guys on them that have some experience. This is where you need local promotions. Brock Anderson looked way out of place standing there because this is his first match, not even in front of fans because this was a taped show, all the fans were jobbers, there were no actual fans at this.”

Cornette continued, noting that while Brock may look like his father, he still has some ways to go to work like The Enforcer in the ring:

“But he looked over his head standing there because he’s obviously in his first f*cking match of any consequence in front of anybody. He needs an upper body and he looks like his dad but unfortunately, he doesn’t work like his dad yet so it’s almost a hindrance to look like his dad when you can’t work like his dad. But you can tell that he’s seen this sh*t and he’s seen the way it’s supposed to be done and he knows what it’s supposed to look like.”

“He desperately, desperately needs a tan. Arn, remember your own words ‘Fat looks better brown than white.’ Your son’s not fat but he ain’t got any definition, he’s got the Lunde body so he needs more weight on his upper body because his legs, and his ass, and his feet look fine but he’s a little sparse on top. And he needs more experience in front of small amounts of people just working standard matches before you’re expected to go out on national TV and hang with the name Anderson and your partner being Cody. National TV debuts aren’t fair to the talent. But like I said, you can already tell his basics are already better than f*cking every VP of AEW, except for Cody.”

Later Cornette gave his thoughts on the end of the match, saying it may have been a little much for Anderson to get the pin.

Cornette explained:

“I think it may have been a little gratuitous. I would have gone ahead and gave Cody the win because you don’t want a Rocky Maivia backlash against him. Isn’t it just amazing that Brock Anderson somehow wins his very first match, a feel-good story with his father at ringside? You don’t wanna be too obvious. [You don’t want fans chanting] ‘Brocky sucks’ or ‘Die Brocky Die.’ Brock on the winning team was enough for his first match and then think when Brock gets his first actual victory, you could’ve led to that. Anyway, he needs an upper body and he needs experience. He’s got better basics than almost anybody on the roster already and he knows what the shits supposed to look like but it’s not fair putting guys in their first match ever on national TV. This was a good match and it was kinda my favourite segment because it looked like a pro wrestling match.”

Credit: Jim Cornette Experience

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