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Jim Cornette Rants About Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho Jim Cornette

Wrestling legend Jim Cornette has given his thoughts on Chris Jericho revealing how Anarchy In The Arena was put together, in his usual outrageous style.

Chris Jericho and The Jericho Appreciation Society recently claimed victory in the critically-acclaimed Anarchy In The Arena match at Double Or Nothing.

Jericho has discussed putting the match together publicly, and now speaking on his Drive Thru podcast, Jim Cornette has taken issue with that and says some of the industry’s top stars would never divulge the secrets of putting a bout together:

“Not only that, by the way, Chris, I washed my hands of you a while back for being a Trump-sucking religious nut. But now you can’t even have any integrity about the wrestling business. You are just like the rest of these jackoffs ‘Oh we had this idea and we all came up with it together. We all sat down and came up with all these cool things to do and this fake sh*t we do for all of you. It was all my idea but it’s all fake too.’”

“Just, f*ck! They have all lost their f*cking minds. And if they ever do accidentally have a match that people kind of halfway believe, they will still go out there and come up with how they came up with all these entertaining things to fake do for the people’s entertainment. Can you imagine Vince McMahon and/or The Rock, Steve Austin, or The Undertaker sitting down and telling the fans how the fake the show they put on was.”

“Or do you think they are not so egotistical that they have to know that it was their idea, even when it sucked? They just let the thing draw money on its own, but that’s professionals instead of egotists and amateurs, I am disgusted by everyone involved.”

Cornette then responded to Jericho’s assertion that stopping his music now helps make him a heel:

“No, we were all screaming stop that music! You did us all a favour you f*cking… Die! Die! I hope you die you motherf*ckers! You don’t love wrestling, you hate wrestling, and you sh*t in wrestling’s face!”

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