Jim Cornette Questions Recent NXT Debut

Jim Cornette

Wrestling legend Jim Cornette has taken issue with a recent NXT debutant and questions the wisdom of showcasing them on a show that is about to be revamped.

The Super Diva Quincy Elliott recently made his debut on NXT television where he faced off with Sean Gallagher to pick up a quick win. While Elliott certainly seemed to make a positive impression with fans, one person who was critical of the star was former wrestling manager Jim Cornette.

Speaking on his Experience podcast, Cornette discussed his thoughts on the presentation of Elliott and why it’s safe to say that he’s not yet a fan:

“So ladies and gentlemen, all of you who didn’t watch NXT and that’s a bunch of you. Here’s what we saw, Super Diva popped up on the screen. And in a spotlight in the entranceway in front of the screen was a fat guy sitting in a chair wearing sunglasses and the chair spins around until you see this f*cking character.”

“He stands up, he’s wearing a full body suit of shiny multicoloured pleather and he’s blowing kisses to the fans on his way to the ring. And as you mentioned, there’s an element, a lot of influence of Goldust on this where he’s constantly feeling himself and refreshing himself with [inhales] and the gestures that Goldust did. And as well he does look like Mabel if Mabel lost 200 pounds and didn’t have any of the skin tightened up.”

“In this outfit, he looks like if Mabel was a popped Macy’s Parade balloon, a human waterbed perhaps might be a more apt description. You could show a drive-in movie on his bulbous ass and his man boobs looked like two possums fighting in a pillowcase. And this exhibition is what’s coming down the entranceway to get into the ring to fight a guy named Sean Gallagher.”

“The announcer was actually trying to, and I mean he was, you could tell by his voice that he was asked to impart this information and he was doing it with a verbal eye roll, but the announcer was building this guy up as a big deal beloved by the fans. He brings joy to everyone, listens to the crowd, the ovation that they [bring] at their Performance Center location, and it’s all the friends and family, and they mustered up 30 people to f*cking chant “Quincy, Quincy.”

“Quincy Elliott is this guy’s name and he started the match by shaking his ass at the guy feeling himself up like Goldust and doing an odd little dance that made his mud flaps bounce over and over. I’m surprised he didn’t blacken both of his eyes. This guy, I’ve seen, I’ve seen fat guys, all the way up to The McGuire Twins in wrestling, and I’ve seen giants and I’ve seen oddities and I’ve seen people with deformities. I have never seen anybody that looked less like they should be a professional athlete of any type being portrayed as a professional athlete than this guy.”

“This had to be some kind of rib, some kind of joke, somebody thought it’ll be funny, look at the state of him. You know, you can’t tell me they signed this guy to a developmental contract? And has he ever wrestled before anywhere? Where did he come from? Why would you do this to a programme that you’re about to f*cking revamp? So those are a lot of questions that you don’t have answers to but I’m completely in the dark about why, especially on this particular week, they would present something that looked like that.”

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