Jim Cornette Questions Adam Page’s Safety In The Ring

Hangman Adam Page with the AEW World Title

Jim Cornette has discussed the issues between Adam Page and CM Punk and questioned how Punk would know that Page would be safe with him in the ring.

Issues between CM Punk and Hangman Adam Page seem to stem from an in-ring promo segment in the lead-up to their AEW World Championship match at Double Or Nothing back in May. Punk clearly felt that Page had gone into business for himself with his comments and he retaliated by calling out Page in the ring in an unscripted moment on Dynamite.

Speaking on his Experience podcast, Jim Cornette addressed the situation between the two men and compared it to how things might have been handled by stars of different generations in the wrestling business:

“Here’s another thing and it was an awkward position because that’s where Punk had to win the belt from Page, right? But here’s the thing if you look back at the old days since Punk has somewhat of an old school mindset if that had been 20 or 30 years earlier with a Harley Race For example, and a guy goes into business for himself on live TV, tries to bury Harley Race on a promo, then Harley Race may have walked back and asked Tony Khan ‘well who am I wrestling and the main event on your million dollar house now?’”

“Just like Steve Austin called Vince McMahon up that time about Marc Mero after he [Mero] got powerbombed by Sable, that’s what he’s talking about jeopardy. because if the guy double crosses Punk on a promo on live TV who says he’s not going to double cross him when he is f*cking lay in there and the jackoff is gonna come off the top rope? So and then what’s Punk gonna have to do? He’s gonna have to f*cking defend himself.”

“Again, with Page yes, he’s a fine-looking young athlete. But since he’s a goddamn obviously a mealy-mouthed little f*cking butt muncher that has an empty head that has to you know, do sh*t like that instead of coming up and getting the guy’s face. So I think I’d still bet on Punk against Page but that would mean that Punk would have had to f*cking take him down and apply some of that UFC training in the middle of a live pay-per-view, and who wants that?”

Jim Cornette also discussed CM Punk’s vitriolic words aimed at Adam Page at the post-All Out media scrum and says Page started the issues.

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