Jim Cornette Questions Action Bronson’s AEW Debut

Action Bronson & Hook

Jim Cornette has questioned the effectiveness of Action Bronson’s AEW Debut.

On the Rampage edition of AEW Grand Slam 2022 from the Arthur Ashe Stadium, FTW Champion Hook tagged with renowned rapper and songwriter Ariyan Arslani, commonly known as Action Bronson. The duo took on the team of Matt Menard and Angelo Parker from the Jericho Appreciation Society, and picked up an easy win.

On a recent episode of his “Jim Cornette Experience” Podcast, the long-time wrestling personality questioned AEW’s decision of bringing Action Bronson over for a match and teaming him with Hook, who himself is short on experience. Cornette then went on to question the drawing power of the rapper and whether his presence AEW:

“It sounded like he’d been trying to breathe fire and burned his vocal cords up. Do people buy his records? This sounded like a man with Tourettes Syndrome having a stroke on the way to the ring. He’s a fat guy with tattoos. Yes, he looks like an indie wrestler, but my God Caster raps better.

I could even understand what this f*cking child face moron was saying. You’ve got 2 f*cking Jericho stooges that are presented as comedy again midcard f*cking stooge guys against HOOK who has all kinds of potential and this guy again, he’s wearing a f*cking dirty t shirt and a pair of jeans that shows his pale pasty white tattooed f*cking legs and tennis shoes and he looks like a fat f*cking mechanic. And the level of unprofessionalism by any of these people on his f*cking programme.

I love HOOK’s style, all the throws and the suplexes and he looks like an athlete. He needs some size, he’ll get older and bigger, but putting him in with green heels in an amateur partner. And again, here’s what I wrote: Action Bronson looks and dresses like a victim of a drug deal gone wrong that was just fished out of the East River. A fat guy that does shoulder tackles, so let’s let him wrestle. Did he add one viewer? Does anybody outside New York know who this motherf*cker is? And do any of those people care to watch him wrestle?”

Action Bronson, who preforms HOOK’s theme song, ‘The Chairman’s Intent’ recently celebrated the release of his latest album Crocodrillo Turbo. Speaking back in December, the star revealed that it was HOOK’s father Taz who reached out to him over using the song.

Speaking of Hook, the “Cold Hearted Devil” has seemingly started a feud with the “Trust Busters” on the September 30th edition of AEW Rampage.

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