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Jim Cornette Publicly Thanks Tony Khan For Bobby Eaton Tribute

Jim Cornette Tony Khan

Jim Cornette has publicly thanked AEW President Tony Khan during an emotional appearance on his podcast where he discussed the passing of ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Eaton.

Bobby Eaton sadly passed away on August 4th, just a little over a month after his wife Donna had lost her battle with breast cancer.

Eaton’s passing was followed by tributes from all over the wrestling world as those who knew the legendary Midnight Express member, as well as those who admired him from afar, came together to remember ‘Beautiful’ Bobby.

One man intrinsically linked with Eaton throughout their wrestling careers is Jim Cornette. Cornette managed The Midnight Express as Bobby Eaton first teamed with ‘Lover Boy’ Dennis Condrey before pairing up with ‘Sweet’ Stan Lane. With Cornette in their corner, The Midnights captured the NWA World Tag Team Championships and feuded with their perennial rivals, The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express.

On the latest edition of the Jim Cornette Experience podcast, an emotional Cornette dedicated the episode to remembering his friend. In the midst of stories from Eaton’s legendary career, Jim Cornette stopped to personally thank AEW President Tony Khan for the heartfelt tribute All Elite Wrestling paid to Bobby Eaton on social media.

Cornette stated:

“A lot of people tweeted including the folks at AEW tweeted a nice graphic and a respectful message about Bobby and I know that some of the AEW personnel that hold various positions listen to the show – that’s not a snide comment either – because if anybody with access to Tony Khan can get to him, tell him that I heard everything that he said about Bobby and how respectful it was and how nice it was and I thank you, Tony.”

“Tony Khan is not a horrible human being, we may see way far apart on wrestling and a variety of issues but that was a cool thing to do Tony. So I hope somebody will deliver that message to him.”

Credit: Jim Cornette Experience

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