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Jim Cornette Praises Recent AEW Segment – “If They Had A 2 Hour Show This Good, They’d Be Beating Raw & SmackDown”

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Jim Cornette has lavished praise on a recent AEW segment and says if the company produced full shows that good, they’d be beating WWE in the ratings war.

The recent microphone battle between Eddie Kingston and CM Punk on AEW Rampage lit up the wrestling world. The two stars laid into each other with verbal volleys as Kingston told Punk nobody in the locker room wanted the former WWE Champion in AEW with Punk returning fire saying he felt foolish for ever having seen greatness in Kingston.

The heat was turned up even further when Eddie Kingston told CM Punk that he hoped he’d leave the wrestling business for another seven years before Punk headbutted him, leading to a massive brawl that took referees, officials, and fellow AEW competitors to contain.

Talking about the confrontation on his Drive Thru podcast, legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette had nothing but praise for the emotionally charged segment:

“If they had a two-hour show that was as good as the segment between CM Punk and Eddie Kingston was on their Friday show, every week they would be beating Raw and Smackdown. Because I have not seen anything on a wrestling programme, that reminded me so much of professional wrestling in years.”

“It was a simple deal, Punk said ‘I’m coming to accept Eddie Kingston’s apology for disrespecting me’, well Eddie Kingston probably don’t wanna apologise, so I wonder what’s gonna happen, we gotta find out. And they f*cking pulled it off.”

Cornette explained that the authenticity of both men and the urgency of those involved in trying to break up the ensuing brawl added to making it such a great segment:

“Here comes Eddie Kingston down with no music and a p*ssed face and he starts mocking Punk and he’s immediately confrontational and this was great on both guys’ parts. I wrote ‘this is an argument,’ I started smiling when I was watching this; it reminded me of a wrestling programme. It sounded real, nobody wrote this sh*t for those guys, they were saying sh*t that they came up with. It sounded like they were mostly coming up with it from the top of their heads.”

“[…] Finally Punk asked the people ‘you wanna see us fight?’, they say ‘yes’, he accepts, he says ‘I’ll see you at Full Gear’ and as he’s starting to get out Kingston tells him ‘yeah and after that match, you can go ahead and quit for another seven years’ and Punk f*cking headbutts him.”

“Here come the referees, there’s urgency. Here comes some more of the wrestlers from the back ‘this is not supposed to happen. Here’s two guys – one of our biggest stars who’s supposed to have just signed to the company and another guy are getting into a fight – we’ve got to stop this, this is not supposed to happen’.”

“A pull—apart, a break loose, here comes the security guy, then Punk does a break loose and does a big dive over the backs of the referees, it’s bedlam. They’re pulling them apart, the facials, like they wanna get at each other, Kingston’s frothing at the mouth, Punk’s eyes are on fire – excitement.”

“It wasn’t a sports entertainment f*cking angle, where everyone just got to emote and then somehow pull a chainsaw out of the Home Depot under the ring and cut somebody’s leg off and beat him over the head with it. Two guys got in a fight because they said sh*t to each other that they didn’t like, and a bunch of people had to pull them apart, and my God what’s going to happen when they fight at the pay-per-view? This is wrestling.”

Eddie Kingston and CM Punk will go one-on-one with each other as part of a stacked Full Gear.

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