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Jim Cornette Praises Omos Following The Giant’s In-Ring Debut

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At night one of WrestleMania 37, AJ Styles and Omos, who was making his WWE in-ring debut, captured the WW RAW Tag Team Titles in stunning style.

After making his presence known in recent months as AJ Styles’ bodyguard, Omos stepping inside, or should that be over, the ropes, and into competition for the first time in front of a sold out crowd.

Reviewing the match on his podcast, Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru, the legendary manager praised the debutant, adding that WWE “have something” with the giant.

“At the top of the notes I wrote OK let’s see if they’ve got something here and if they know what to do with it. And apparently the answer to ‘have they got something here?’ is yes. The answer to ‘do they know what to do with it?’ They did the right thing here but only after f***ing up the entire rest of the match.”

However, Cornette was less impressed by the role of Omos’ partner AJ Styles. Cornette who managed the legendary tag team the Midnight Express during his career, said that he didn’t understand Styles starting the match and acting like a “heel manager” throughout, despite being in the ring.

The ten-time manager of the year went on to explain that he only had one critique of Omos and that was with how he entered the squared circle.

The only critique I have of Omos is when he steps over the top rope [he needs to] do it in the middle of the ring, don’t do it close to the turnbuckle. You’re gonna give yourself a f***ing do-it-yourself circumcision and you also look awkward. Those ropes are stretched as tight as ropes can be and when you try and step over them at the turnbuckle there’s almost no give and he looked a little awkward. Anyway, so a former world champion and two middle card tag team guys are just punking him out. Then they taunted the giant. They had AJ helpless and grabbed his arm like he would the heel manager to give him the hope that you’re going to let him tag out then pull the arm away and taunted the giant. […] If that had been my giant and these guys [taunted] him I would have got on the f***ing referee’s IFB and said ‘hey tell him to get in the ring, beat the sh*t out of them in a working way, stack them on top of one another, we’re going home early.”

Cornette was also critical of how the match was laid out. Omos only tagged into the action for the closing sequence of the match and received a big cheer from the crowd as he stepping into the ring. This was despite his team originally being seen as heels. Jim Cornette detailed how this was caused by Styles teasing the tag to Omos and building suspense around him getting involved.

“So anyway they beat AJ up and kicked the sh*t out of him for the entire match and finally AJ tags Omos. The way they set it up got a huge babyface pop. Shock and amazement, shock and surprise. You got an 8-foot motherf***er over there that we haven’t got a chance to see. You got the babyfaces beating up on kind of a popular heel in AJ Styles who’s been a world champion and then taunting they guy.

Then when AJ finally does get what amounted to a hot tag on the giant, the people popped. It made him a babyface. I wrote this before he done anything ‘why did they hide this guy, does he suck?’ It’s the most backward way of using a giant heel I’ve ever seen. Then suddenly he sells nothing, he throws them both around like ragdolls, he did basic shit but he took his time and he didn’t drop anybody or hurt anybody or f**k anything up. Then he gets in the right place for AJ to hit the Phenomenal Forearm off his shoulders. He does a big powerbomb and a foot on the chest, which AJ felt he apparently needed to remind him about.”

Expanding further, Cornette explained how he would have set up the match to keep Omos heel and get people talking.

“They should’ve started the match with AJ Styles scared to get in the ring with The New Day, not scared but reluctant like ‘you start Omos.’ And do this. He sells nothing, he beats them up, and he beats them. Then people would’ve been talking. Then you would’ve had a new André The Giant, a new Big Show, a new badass. If instead of just d*cking around with AJ, if AJ had just come in and been a wise-ass heel and said ‘you gotta fight my bodyguard before I’ll get in there’ and then Omos just takes them apart single-handedly and beats them boom 1-2-3. It would’ve made him and it would’ve made him a heel. As it was, it made him a babyface, AJ a f***ing idiot and The New Day the same thing they were before.”

While Cornette was impressed by Omos, he was less complementary about Bad Bunny’s debut. Reviewing the match, the long-time podcaster said that it “should have been on AEW.”

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