Jim Cornette Explains Why Now Is The Perfect Time For Triple H To Sign CM Punk

CM Punk Triple H

When CM Punk left WWE in 2014 it seemed unthinkable that he would ever return to a wrestling ring, let alone the company he appeared to hate so much. However, despite years of denials, Punk did eventually wrestle again and a became a two-time AEW World Champion before everything came crashing down.

Punk’s tenure with AEW has come under the microscope after reports of backstage issues between himself and Adam Page were made public. These rumblings and other rumoured issues came to a head at the media scrum following AEW All Out where the star launching an astonishing verbal attack on the Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Adam Page and Colt Cabana.

This sparked a brawl backstage, which in turn led to suspensions being handed out and an internal investigation.

While news of CM Punk’s status with the company had gone quite in recent weeks, it has been reported that talks over a buy-out of his contract have taken place. Although these talks have stalled over a non-compete clause. A further report suggested that a remarkable return to WWE might not be off the table in the future.

Jim Cornette Claims This Is The Moment For Triple H To Reach Out To CM Punk

Speaking on The Jim Cornette Experience, the legendary manager suggested that as unlikely as it may seem, this might be a great opportunity for Triple H. Cornette added that it would be the perfect moment for Triple H to show how much WWE has changed.

“About the non-compete, right now, I would have said at any point in time, no Punk doesn’t want to go back to the WWE Punk doesn’t have to go back to the WWE, he’s still got his f*ck you money, he’s going to get bought out for a lot of money if that happens here, or else if he comes back, he get paid a lot of money. Nobody’s going to be doing any f*cking GoFundMe’s.

But now would be the perfect time for Triple H to show the world that he will put business in front of personal feelings. Because again, one of the greatest lines in the history of wrestling, it was never uttered on television, was what Punk said to Triple H in the locker room. ‘I don’t need to work with you, you need to work with me.’ But that’s not, I hate you and your family and I hope Stephanie gets run over by a herd of thundering goats or whatever…

But here’s the thing, there’s no real apologies that Triple H needs to ask for, he needs to offer some. Who was in charge? Vince McMahon. And eight years later, whatever it is. Now, depending on what this non compete clause is, Triple H can go and save the world and say to CM Punk, it’s all changed. We’re about business, let’s get together. It’s all about business, no personal feelings.”

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