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Jim Cornette – “Once Vince Is Gone I Can’t Imagine Why WWE Wouldn’t Sell”

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Manager of champions Jim Cornette has had his say on whether or not WWE will be sold in the immediate future following the departure of Vince McMahon.

When WWE and NBCUniversal announced that the award winning WWE Network was moving to the latter’s Peacock streaming service on March 18, rumours began to circulate that the company were gearing up to finally sell to the channel much in the same way UFC did several years prior.

However, to counteract these rumours, WWE President Nick Khan recently gave an interview to Forbes in which he denied all knowledge of a potential sale and enforced that there had been zero talks to the contrary.

Now, Jim Cornette has taken to his Drive-Thru Podcast in order to detail a potential WWE sale and whether or not, in his opinion, the company should sell for a record profit:

“I can’t imagine…once Vince is gone I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t. [If Vince hasn’t gone] only if he’s in a medically induced coma. Well now that I think about that, if he could some ridiculously astronomical amount of money like five billion dollars for the WWE from somebody and use that as the crowning achievement of his life, or it might have to be one dollar more than the UFC, it would have to be the biggest combat sports sale in history by at least a dollar and maybe he would consider that his crowning achievement and sell it. The only way he would probably sell the company is if he could do some kind of record sale like that and it would be reported everywhere and it would be what he got from his dad and boom, here it was 40 years later.

Otherwise, as soon as Vince is gone, especially if Triple H has set himself up where he’s really the most integral component of keeping the wrestling business running – because I would think at the higher levels while they probably don’t respect the individual wrestlers, they would have to know that that guy at level was integral at running a very specialised business, endeavour, whatever they call it – sell the f***ing thing to NBC for five billion dollars and he gets stock and an executive job to let them not f**k it up too bad. It’s doable because they did it with the UFC. You can actually buy something and keep the guy that started it or popularised it or revolutionised it around and it can still run somewhat similarly and not run its fans off.”

As noted, WWE Network will move to Peacock on March 18 in the United States for a cheaper monthly subscription than the company currently charges. Not only will fans get everything they currently receive, but they will also gain access to all of Peacock’s other programming.

Credit for the interview: Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru