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Jim Cornette On Who In NXT Could Have Been The Next Great Star

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette has named who says could have been the best young in-ring competitor in NXT, saying if they had the right guidance they could be discussed among the likes of natural talents such as The Rock or Kurt Angle.

Cornette was discussing up and coming stars in the wrestling business on his Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru podcast. The legendary manager discussed at length his feelings on AEW’s Wardlow. Cornette sees money in The Pinnacle’s heavy but is not a fan of the way he has been booked.

Jim Cornette then went onto discuss his similar feelings to a star on WWE’s black and gold brand. According to Cornette, The Way’s Austin Theory could have it all, if he just had the right guidance.

Cornette explained:

“Remember I said Austin Theory – I don’t even know where he’s at anymore. Is he still stuck with Johnny Same-face as a stooge? Everybody was talking about this guy or that guy, Will Ospreay, or whatever’s the greatest young wrestler in the world. Austin Theory, I could see if he spent a year in Mid-South or a year in Crockett Promotions or a year in Florida working under Eddie Graham, would be the best in-ring, young performer in the business and hopefully get a really good lesson in thinking and psychology. He had the facials, and the little things and the mannerisms. You could tell that it was just a natural thing, that he was a bit better, more comfortable than an in-ring talent than a lot of guys with that level of experience. You figure well if he’s this much better than he oughta be after a year, then how much better is he gonna be after three or four years? A la The Rock, Kurt Angle, naturals that just take to it.”

“We meaning me or anybody else that gives an opinion of ‘So and so’s gonna be a great talent,’ that’s been in the business that long. We’re not talking about what they’re doing right now, we’re talking about what we see they could do if somebody took them and weeded out some of the f*cking dreck.”

Austin Theory briefly appeared on Raw aligning at different times with Seth Rollins and then briefly with the tag team of Andrade and Angel Garza before finding his home in NXT.

Credit: Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru

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