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Jim Cornette On The Only Wrestler He Has Seen Lose A Fight With A Fan

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette has discussed the incident at AEW Road Rager when a fan tried to rush the ring during the segment with Chris Jericho and MJF.

The incident aired live on the show with both Jericho and MJF making reference to it in their promo to announce ‘The Labors Of Jericho.’ The person that ran to the ring was held back with Jericho swinging a punch in their direction.

The would-be ring invader took to social media after the event proclaiming himself to be a fan of Jim Cornette and looked for the legendary manager’s approval – but Cornette had other ideas.

Blistering the so-called fan on social media, Cornette said:

“Got news for you dips**t, the ring is sacred ground for US, and even if you and a lot of others THINK you can kick the s**t out of the Young Bucks, I would have turned you into a tennis racket popsicle, & you’re lucky someone there didn’t gut you like a fish. And you’re blocked.”

Now Jim Cornette has discussed the incident during an episode of his Jim Cornette Experience podcast. In typical Cornette style, he dressed down the man in question:

“Does this guy sound like a f*cking stalker type? [Referencing the ring rusher’s Tweet] ‘It’s no longer safe.’ Apparently, it’s safe now that you’ve outed yourself with your failed attempt at getting in the ring. I’m sure they’re gonna prosecute you and if you keep saying sh*t like that then they’re gonna pop you for being a mental defective you fat f*ck.”

This is far from the only time an incident like this has taken place with the person invading the ring usually left merciful that security has managed to drag them back out of it. However, Jim Cornette did recall one occasion where a wrestling personality came off worse after someone that shouldn’t have got in the ring.

Cornette explained:

“Jimm Hart one night was on the losing end in the Louisville Gardens of a fight with a fan for about five seconds before [Jerry] Lawler got a hold of them. That was the only time I’ve ever seen any of the boys coming out on the bad end of a fight with somebody that’s jumped in the ring. You’re gonna get your f*cking head creased.”

A word of warning at the end from Cornette to anyone that tries to replicate the act at any wrestling show, reminding fans not to get in the ring and that the barrier is there for a reason.

Credit: Jim Cornette Experience

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