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Jim Cornette On The Great Khali – “He’s A Big F**king Klutz”

The Great Khali Big Show

Jim Cornette has given his opinion on former World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali entering the WWE Hall Of Fame.

Khali was announced as an inductee into the 2021 Class of the WWE Hall Of Fame via the WWE India Instagram account. This occurred on the same day as fellow former World Heavyweight Champion Kane was also announced as an inductee.

Speaking on the ‘Jim Cornette Experience’ podcast, Cornette gave his thoughts on Khali joining the all-time greats of professional wrestling in the Hall Of Fame.

A typically outspoke Cornette commented:

“They couldn’t find any other Indian guy? Every time I had seen him and I admit it wasn’t regularly, he could barely f**king walk. He’s slow, dull-witted, plodding – he made God damn Giant Silva look like f**cking André [The Giant].”

Cornette and co-host Brian Last touched on the in-ring incident involving Khali which led to a fellow wrestler losing his life. While training at All Pro Wrestling in 2001, Khali performed a move on Brian Ong in practice. Ong, who had previously suffered a concussion would die from his injuries. Ong’s family sued APW for recklessness and were awarded seven-figures in compensation.

Cornette also added:

“[Khali] was a student in the school, the school then bore responsibility. Having operated training programs I know something about this. The school bore the responsibility because how can you find one student responsible for injuring another student when they’re doing what a school and instructors are telling them to do. The point is, yes he’s just so giant and massive he didn’t mean to f**king hurt the guy, he’s just a big f**king klutz.”

Jim Cornette then questioned The Great Khali’s suitability for the WWE Hall Of Fame:

“But the point is, what case are they making that this guy was any kind of legitimate, Hall Of Fame star except the fact that we want a bunch of people in India to watch it on YouTube. What other case can you make? What great match can you point to? Or what great promo, box office accomplishment, what can you point to?”

Recently, WWE Hall Of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin shared who he thought should have the honour of being inducted. On social media, Austin posted a clip of the legendary Midnight Express who were managed by Cornette. Austin then called for the former NWA Tag Team Champions to take their place in the WWE Hall Of Fame.

Credit: Jim Cornette Experience

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