Jim Cornette On SmackDown Chamber Match – “Great Job By Everybody”

Elimination Chamber Jey Uso and Kevin Owens

Jim Cornette has lavished praise on the SmackDown Elimination Chamber match won by Daniel Bryan at the eponymous event earlier this month.

Cornette was reviewing the Elimination Chamber event on his ‘Cornette’s Drive-Thru’ podcast when he discussed the opening match. Daniel Bryan would earn a WWE Championship match by defeating Kevin Owens, King Corbin, Cesaro, Sami Zayn, and Jey Uso.

Cornette began by picking out his stand out performer from the match:

“Claudio [Cesaro] was the star to me of the whole match. Why he is not an absolute top guy there, I have no f*****g idea, they’re crazy. He was the star of the night to me, to be honest with you. He and Daniel Bryan started out and they of course [did] wrestling. Imagine that, wrestling. And they’re so smart with what to do. They had one of the early no crowd, pandemic matches – they wrestle, it’s tight and believable and action regardless of if there’s people there or not.”

“They’re both so smooth, they did wrestling spots. They did some running and some bumping and then they went into the cage and back in the ring. They made bumping into the cage special. Bryan did the big hurracarrana off the top rope. They built their spots and when they paid it off they sold them then went back to wrestling.”

“They had a great opening session. In a War Games or a match like this you wanna put two workers into start out because they’ll keep you busy and their s**t looks good but you can build it. They don’t need to go to ripping each other across the f*****g fence and bashing each other into the post right off.”

Cornette then recounted a specific moment in the match that he really enjoyed:

“Sami Zayn was next, I loved this…As soon as his door opens, he slams it shut! He doesn’t wanna get out and get his f*****g ass kicked. That’s great. What a f*****g weaselly heel. That’s the kinda guy that even if you think wrestling is bulls**t, a chickens**t heel needs to foster the feeling in people that you’d just love to slap him…He held the door shut and Daniel Bryan stopped [Corbin] but then [Cesaro] got Sami from the other side. And Sami took a f*****g entertaining ass-kicking.”

Cornette also explained how enjoyed that the chamber itself was used in different ways throughout the match. Specifically mentioning when Zayn would try to avoid his foes by climbing across it.

Cornette stated:

“This was fun, they’re using the cage and the gimmick without just bashing each other into it repeatedly over and over and making grunting noises. There’s some variety in this. It’s funny but it’s organic comedy, it looks like Zayn would be a person that would try to get away [by shimmying across the cage] and [Cesaro’s] a guy that would follow him and f**k with him and do that.”

Cornette appreciated that even in an ‘every man for himself’ match, there were consistencies in the way the people in the match were presented:

“It kept moving, it was logical. Everybody in this match was a clear heel or babyface in their own way…There were faces and heels in this match and even though sometimes the heels were fighting the heels and the babyfaces were fighting the babyfaces. They did s**t that these guys would do. Daniel Bryan didn’t try to end the f*****g career of Kevin Owens or whatever.”

Jim Cornette then another spot in the match that he liked and espoused the lack of weapons in the match being a positive:

“I liked [Kevin Owens having his arm trapped in the chamber door by Jey Uso] because they’re using the playing field in somewhat of a plausible way. The best thing about this was – there wasn’t any weapons in it. They didn’t put a hat on a hat. They didn’t have to drag tables and ladders and s**t in because they’re already in a goddamn gimmick. When you’re in a gimmick and you’ve accepted this is the playing field for our gimmick match and you come up with creative ways…I like s**t like that.”

As far as the match overall, Cornette was a fan:

“I thought it was a great job by everybody. Uso wasn’t in much but what he did, he did well. The other guys they kept it moving, they built it from the start to a number of crescendos. Overall they took you on a rollercoaster and nothing was egregiously stupid and everybody nailed their finish. So as far as the match, I liked it.”

Jim Cornette was not so positive, however, of The Miz cashing-in his Money In The Bank contract on Drew McIntyre at the end of the night.

Credit: Cornette’s Drive-Thru