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Jim Cornette On Shayna Baszler – “They Made Her Look Like Sh*t”

Shayna Baszler

The Shayna Baszler character that has appeared on Monday Night RAW in recent months is vastly different to the brooding badass which first arrived in NXT in the summer of 2017. Something which it appears hasn’t sat well with one, Jim Cornette.

Speaking on the latest episode of his Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the legendary manager ran the rule over the current WWE roster. The aim being that Cornette and co-host Brian Last would select a roster of their own which they could build a promotion around.

In typical Cornette fashion the former promotor didn’t hold back in his withering assessment of WWE’s presentation of Baszler, saying that they have “made her look like a piece of sh*t.”

Elsewhere during the rundown, Cornette praised the likes of LA Knight and Omos, adding that Toni Storm “looks like a star.”

When Shayna Baszler arrived in NXT she did so as an ass-kicking MMA fighter. It was a character that fit her and her mixed martial arts background perfectly.

However, in recent months the former NXT Women’s Champion has had to show a completely different side to her performance. While Baszler had begun to move away from her earlier persona with the arrival of Reginald by the side of her tag team partner Nia Jax, her latest feud with Alexa Bliss has meant that she has had to evolve considerably.

With Bliss in full ‘creepy witch with superpowers and a demonic doll’ mode, the ass-kicking MMA fighter of old just wouldn’t fit. So fans are now seeing a different side to Baszler, one that has drawn some criticism online.

Baszler recently addressed the criticism in an interview where she said she was happy to be able to show a different side to her character.

On the most recent episode of Monday Night RAW, tensions continued to build between the former NXT Women’s Champion and her tag team partner Nia Jax.

After the pair were defeated by Tamina and Natalya tempers began to flare. Baszler who has become increasingly annoyed by the presence of Reginald, laid down an ultimatum to Jax. The segment ended with Jax headbutting Reginald, as the two women left without him.