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Jim Cornette On Samoa Joe’s WWE Release – “Guys Like That Don’t Come Along Every Day”

Samoa Joe

Jim Cornette has reacted to the news of Samoa Joe being released from WWE, saying he “should have been one of the biggest stars in the business”.

Speaking on the latest episode of ‘The Jim Cornette Experience‘, the veteran wrestling promoter explained that he found the news of Samoa Joe’s release surprising, but speculated that it could have been related to the Samoan Submission Machine’s concussion issues. He also praised Joe, saying that he believes the two-time NXT Champion should already have become one of the biggest stars in wrestling a long time ago.

“Samoa Joe is where I was going with this, what the heck!? With the announcers that they have and you need to get rid of Joe first, or is this saying they’re not going to clear him to wrestle – I know he’s had concussion issues but that guy has had a curse on him for almost 20 years, because he should have been, 15 years ago he should have been one of the biggest stars in the business.”

Looking back at Joe’s time in TNA, where he was a five-time X-Division Champion and had one reign with the promotion’s World Heavyweight Championship, Cornette said that he believed bad creative prevented the “foolproof talent” from reaching his potential.

“It’s either where he’s been or how they’ve used him when he’s been there, what was that line and that was over ten years ago? He said ‘I tripped on some bad booking’, that was in TNA. They f***ed him up from scratch. And I never understood how this is almost a foolproof talent, and how – and part of it was just TNA being a vastly secondary product at the time, and of course, I attribute most of that to the creative”

Cornette also pointed out that the first match Samoa Joe had against Kurt Angle headlined the most successful pay-per-view TNA had produced up to that point, TNA Genesis 2006, and lamented that despite this the company didn’t have “the first clue what to do with him”.

“Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe that first match they had on pay-per-view, they did a serious build and they did somewhere around 40 or 50-thousand buys, which was by far the most successful TNA pay-per-view at the time. […] It’s just a shame, guys like that don’t come along every day, and nobody has had the first clue what to do with him.”

Since Samoa Joe, alongside several other superstars, was released from his WWE contract on 15 April, there have already been hints at where he might go next. Co-Executive Vice President of Impact Wrestling Scott D’Amore has hinted Joe might return to the promotion, while CM Punk has teased that the two could reignite their rivalry from Ring Of Honor.

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