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Jim Cornette on Samoa Joe’s NXT Return – “Well That’s Good News”

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Jim Cornette has discussed what he sees as “good news” that Samoa Joe has made his return to NXT after The Samoan Submission Machine was released from WWE in April.

Joe was one of a slew of WWE Superstars released from the company for the second year in a row on April 15th. Most recently working as a commentator on Raw, Samoa Joe was let go along with the likes of The IIconics and Mickie James.

Joe made a shock return to NXT on the June 15th episode at the side of NXT General Manager William Regal.

Speaking on his Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru podcast, legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette addressed Joe’s return to the black and gold brand as William Regal’s on-screen ‘fixer.’

Cornette stated:

“Well, that’s good news, at least for Joe I would think. Obviously, if he took the deal it means he wants it and who else honestly is gonna, well besides our favourite billionaire and we see how that works out, who else is gonna pay Joe as much as the WWE will to do a variety of things?”

“He’s perfect [in NXT]. And even if he’s got a concussion issue and can’t wrestle now, that doesn’t mean – Daniel Bryan showed that – that he’ll never be cleared and Triple H didn’t want them out there and cleared and available to do sh*t for other people. Not only is he valuable as an announcer, he’s not only valuable as a wrestler but also he’s worked with a lot of these guys and Joe doesn’t do foolish bullsh*t and he’s a pretty smart guy so I would think he would be good to have in the training system.”

Cornette then explained exactly why Joe is such a good fit for NXT as well as speculating if the man who brought him back into the fold was even aware he was going to be let go in the first place.

Cornette continued:

“There’s so many young guys now that there’s a disconnect between the current generation and guys that are fifty or sixty, obviously. But Joe has been there recently and he’s like the middle generation. A lot of those people in that middle generation you wouldn’t want training people or you wouldn’t want to listen to. A lot of them were screwy but Joe’s not. So I think that’s a great move and does that say that they f*cking fired him without letting Triple H know first? That’s what it says to me and then he’s like ‘What? You did what?!’ That’s what everybody else’s reaction was. Anyway, good for Samoa Joe and good for Triple H.”

Samoa Joe’s return on NXT sent shockwaves through the wrestling world as he debuted as William Regal’s new enforcer. Joe went face to face with NXT Champion Karrion Kross before choking out Adam Cole at the end of the show.

Credit: Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru

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