Jim Cornette On “F**king Ridiculous” Jericho Appreciation Society Segment

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette is never one to mince words.

Longtime professional wrestling promoter and personality, Jim Cornette doesn’t hold back in giving his perspective on the current state of the sport. One of the latest topics Jim Cornette has an issue with, is new Ring Of Honor World Champion, Chris Jericho’s celebration of ‘The Ocho’ following his recent title win over now-former champion, Claudio Castagnoli at last month’s AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam event.

During a recent episode of his ‘Jim Cornette Experience‘ podcast, Cornette offered up his uncensored thoughts on Jericho Appreciation Society’s ‘celebration’:

“We shouldn’t have to spend this much time on this, but they brought the this comedy f*ck into this promo where the crowd is chanting. Here’s supposedly one of the top heels and his group of stooges in the crowd is chanting we want pizza. And then they let Anna J talk again, she’s trying to sound like Vickie Guerrero. And finally, the whole point of this thing was Jericho comes out to and gives Garcia, our friend Danny Garcia, a purple Gilligan hat. And he throws it down and turns, turns around and f*cking punches the pizza guy and says he’s had enough and he’s got to get something off his chest.

Now bear in mind that for the rest of what we’re about to tell you, the pizza guy took a bump from the one punch by Daniel Garcia and went down and laid there and didn’t move. And nobody was checking on him, nobody in the group was even looking at him, it was just a sight gag. So, the director was trying obviously to shoot around him, because they didn’t bother to tell the technical crew they were going to do comedy at a high level. So they’re trapped.

But whenever they’d have to get a wide shot of everybody in the ring, there’s this f*cking nitwit still laying there not moving a muscle when they’re talking back and forth trying to do this angle that nobody gives a sh*t about anyway. So he visually killed the whole goddamn thing. And then Jericho stops Garcia from getting whatever off his chest and says, make the wrong decision I’m going to have to take you out now. Are you a sports entertainer? Or a pro wrestler? This is f*cking ridiculous.”

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