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Jim Cornette On Paul Heyman Throwing Himself A Party For Winning Manager Of The Year

Paul Heyman, Jim Ross, Rick Rude

Jim Cornette has discussed his thoughts on Paul Heyman reportedly throwing himself a party in an exclusive New York nightclub to celebrate winning the 1992 Pro-Wrestling Illustrated Manager of the Year award.

Heyman was a fixture in WCW in 1992 as manager of the Dangerous Alliance. The group included notable names such as Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton, Madusa, Larry Zbyszko, Rick Rude, and Steve Austin. At WrestleWar 1992 the group would compete in a War Games match against Sting’s Squadron. A match the Alliance would lose when Zbyszko would accidentally hit Eaton in the shoulder with a metal turnbuckle. As a result of the group’s and Heyman’s skills, he would win the PWI Manager of the Year in 1992. The only year he would win the award.

Jim Cornette, himself a 3-time winner of the same award, was told about Heyman supposedly throwing himself a bash to celebrate on his ‘Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru‘ podcast.

Cornette, reacting with trademark incredulity, was asked if he believed that Paul Heyman would do such a thing:

“Actually I do, that’s the thing.”

Cornette was then asked if it was commonplace for talent to throw themselves such bashes for winning awards.

Cornette said:

“If I had thrown a party for every time I won Manager of the Year I’d have been bankrupt! There’s no way I was able to afford a lifestyle like that. No, it wasn’t common, it wasn’t even common for people to have parties thrown for them for winning Manager of the Year, Wrestler of the Year, or any other award from PWI, or any other award in general. I don’t recall anyone throwing a party…except on television. We did it as heels, ‘we’re gonna throw ourselves a party for holding the US Tag Team Titles for one year.'”

Jim Cornette discussed many subjects on his podcast. Including his thoughts on Eric Bischoff’s recent comments about Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart.

Credit: Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru