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Jim Cornette On Moxley/Omega’s Death Match – “Goofy And Outlaw”

Jon Moxley Kenny Omega

Jim Cornette had some strong words for AEW’s decision to book Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley in an ‘exploding barbed wire death match’ at Revolution.

Speaking on his ‘Cornette Experience’ podcast, the outspoken Cornette was analysing the end of AEW Dynamite where Omega challenged Moxley to the violent clash.

Cornette commented:

“He [Omega] challenged Jon Moxley to an exploding barbed wire death match and at the same time, the entire United States of America said ‘what?!’ Who in the United States of America saw the exploding barbed wire death match in the Kawasaki Stadium 25 years ago? People trading VHS tapes. Is this really that difficult to understand? Their minute, little core of nerd, hardcore, smart, Japanese fans. That kind of audience wasn’t enough to keep Ring of Honor alive ten years ago. It’s not enough to keep anything else alive today. In their minds, they are marks, they think this means something. Besides the fact that nobody knows, in the grand scheme of things, on American television that nobody knows what the f**k an exploding barbed wire death match is, looks like, sounds like. It also sounds goofy and outlaw.”

Death matches of this kind have not been part of the mainstream wrestling culture in the USA. However such matches have had prominence in Japan, most notable for FMW and IWA Japan.

Jim Cornette continued:

“So we’re gonna see another garbage match where they’re gonna take all kinds of bumps and do all kinds of stupid s**t with barbed wire…They’re gonna take chances on legitimately injuring themselves. They’re probably gonna get cut up for real. For a match that had a phony build-up, that nobody believes, that just makes them look more goofy and outlaw. Like they’re one of these hardcore death match promotions… Instead of something that you could legitimately respect as an endeavour that’s being placed on national television. And it just buries the wrestling business again.”

“It’s gonna be ridiculous. And these things never work. They can’t put this television f*****g programme together flawlessly from an editing standpoint just formatting the f*****g thing. How do you think they are gonna do at advanced special effects?!…It’s stupid, it never works, it just looks low rent and cheap and sideshow-ish…I have high expectations that this is gonna be a technical fiasco and another outlaw garbage match between two f*****g guys that don’t know how to work.”

The match is scheduled to headline AEW Revolution on Sunday, March 7th. It will be Omega’s second defence of the AEW World Championship that he won from Moxley. Kenny Omega defeated Rey Fenix in his first title defence in January 2021.