Jim Cornette On Miz’s Cash-In – “A S**t End To An Unexceptional Match”

The Miz

Jim Cornette was not a fan of The Miz’s cash-in at the end of the Elimination Chamber event where he became WWE Champion by defeating Drew McIntyre.

Reviewing the Elimination Chamber event on his ‘Cornette’s Drive-Thru’ podcast, the outspoken Cornette was not thrilled with the end of the pay-per-view.

Cornette stated:

“Here comes Lashley who just didn’t win his match…and he kicks the complete s**t of Drew McIntyre in a very convincing manner and leaves him laying. So ok, in that case, I think we’ll probably see Lashley and McIntyre for the title at WrestleMania. That would make sense, except what the…Here comes frog face [The Miz] with the briefcase.”

Cornette would then explain that he was not a fan of the Money In The Bank concept, noting it had been watered down due to excessive use. Cornette explains:

“That stupid briefcase, the Money In The Bank thing – stupid idea that everybody’s copied. And they do it the same way every time. It might have got heat the first five or six times. The champion is down, here comes the guy to cash in. The announcers actually said ‘Drew said he could go’ when you could clearly see that he could not say he could go because he didn’t say anything. It would be stupid for him to say he could go. They probably mixed up their notes with Daniel Bryan who did say that he could go [earlier in the night when he challenged Roman Reigns]. But it would negate the heat if Drew had said that here.”

Jim Cornette then gave his damning verdict of The Miz as WWE Champion going into the biggest show of the year – WrestleMania:

“The Miz basically did his third-rate version of Dennis Condrey’s facebuster. Sloppily. One, two, three. The f*****g Miz…after all that they’ve put into Drew McIntyre. Miz beats Drew McIntyre for one of the world championships. What the f**k? Seriously?! Even if it’s a swerve. Ok they’re gonna do something on TV or at the pay-per-view in between now and WrestleMania. Where Miz drops the thing to so-and-so to sweeten up the real world title match at WrestleMania, but still – for f**k sake. That was a s**t ending to an unexceptional match.”

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Credit: Cornette’s Drive-Thru