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Jim Cornette On Matt Riddle – “Magically Birds Fly Out Of His A*s”


Jim Cornette has given his thoughts on the new addition to Riddle’s entrance that sees CGI birds fly towards the camera when the US Champion leaps to kick off his flip-flops.

The outspoken Cornette was discussing this on his ‘Jim Cornette Experience’ podcast. The legendary manager of The Midnight Express was not a fan of the new presentation.

Cornette explained:

“Matt Riddle is no longer Matt Riddle, now he’s just Riddle. He’s got no first name, he’s riding around on a scooter; not even a motorised scooter but a little scooter that you put your foot on and push off with the other one and go ‘boodin boodin’. And apparently now, from what I’m led to believe also magically birds fly out of his a*s.”

“He jumped up in the air, spread his legs out exposing his taint and all of the surrounding area, and then birds flew out of his a*s. It’s what I saw on television. Possibly they were birds that were hit by Bruan Strowman’s choo-choo train, I don’t know. Does he have a connection with birds? Is he an ornithologist? In his interview meeting with Vince [McMahon], when he sat down and Vince said ‘tell me about yourself’. Is he the birdman of f***ing Cucamonga or wherever he’s from out in California? He’s California sober, I see that’s a phrase now. Maybe that explains Riddle – that’s the riddle about Riddle, he’s California sober.”

Cornette then followed up by sharing his incredulity that WWE will have spent money on the new graphics:

“Why are birds flying out of his a*s? […] I never once heard Vince McMahon say ‘you know pal, you know what I like is when birds fly out of somebody’s ass, I never heard him say that. They’re spending money on this, it’s not free. They’re computer-generated birds flying out of Matt Riddle’s a*s that they’ve obviously had some television technician insert into his a*s so that they can fly out when he jumps up and spreads his legs out in the air. And that costs money. So they spent money on their television programme to have birds fly out of Matt Riddle’s a*s. Multi-coloured birds too, either that they shoved a lot of white pigeons up there and he eats a lot of f***ing Cheerios.”

Jim Cornette also discussed the moment on Raw where Riddle forgot his lines on live television. After briefly talking to Asuka backstage, Riddle simply said “I forgot what I was gonna say” and left the scene.

Cornette felt Riddle’s reaction was unprofessional:

“[Riddle] then, and this was on Raw and this was on live television. Walks up to Asuka and starts talking to her about his scooter and if they’d like it in Japan. But he’s got the scooter thing up between his legs like his giant d*ck and he’s fondling the handle. He says ‘you think they’d like my scooter in Japan?’ and then he just started laughing and said ‘I’m sorry’ and walked off. He forgot what he was gonna say on live television and busted the take. And left Asuka of all people, standing there looking like the smart one.”

“It wasn’t gonna be any good anyway but at least he could’ve done it or if nothing else if he forgot what he was gonna say just say ‘hey, just wanted to say good luck, we’re all counting on ya’ and leave. But just to be an unprofessional jack-off and just laugh on live national television. Again, the Vince McMahon I knew 25 years ago would have looked at somebody at Gorilla and asked them how quickly that they could write that motherf***er out of every upcoming television programme that would ever be taped by that company. Ever.”

In contrast to Cornette’s opinion, reports have emerged of Vince McMahon’s reaction to Riddle’s blunder.

Credit: Jim Cornette Experience

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