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Jim Cornette On Kane – “I Can’t Say Anything Bad About Glenn”


Jim Cornette has shared his thoughts on ‘The Big Red Machine’ Kane entering the WWE Hall Of Fame in the Class of 2021.

Kane, also known as Glenn Jacobs worked for Cornette’s Smoky Mountain Wrestling promotion in 1995 as Unabomb prior to joining WWE. Upon entering WWE the former Unabomb became the evil dentist Isaac Yankem DDS. In September 1996 Yankem became the ‘fake’ Diesel after Kevin Nash left WWE to join WCW. After a few months away from in-ring competition Jacobs returned to the ring in October 1997 as Kane.

Speaking on his Jim Cornette Experience podcast, Cornette gave his thoughts on the Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

Cornette stated:

“Kane is, at this point, the longest-running, continuous WWE roster guy since 1995 and he’s made seven figures a year on more than one occasion. He’s one of the standout names of the Attitude Era when pay-per-views were doing huge business, when the houses were doing big business, when the houses were big. More people would see Kane in a week in the course of one television programme than see all the TV programmes on a national basis altogether in these times.”

“Glenn has been a model employee. He never did anything outside the ring to embarrass himself or the company. His matches were well thought of. […] I can’t and have never been able to say anything bad about Glenn.”

“That’s a main event, Hall of Fame [induction] – especially the WWE Hall Of Fame. If you think about it Kane never wrestled for any other wrestling promotion in the United States Of America besides Memphis Wrestling, Smoky Mountain Wrestling, and WWE. He did jobs a couple of times when he had been in the business for two months on a couple of WCW tapings. And then he pretty much went to Puerto Rico so you could make the case that Glenn Jacobs besides two job appearances for WCW [worked in] Memphis, Smoky Mountain, Puerto Rico – if you count that as the continental United States and WWE in a 26/27 year career. It’s consistent.”

Kane enters the WWE Hall Of Fame on the 6th of April, 2021. He joins Molly Holly, Eric Bischoff, Rob Van Dam, and The Great Khali in the Class of 2021.

The WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony will stream on Tuesday 6th of April on Peacock in the US and elsewhere globally on the WWE Network.

Credit: Jim Cornette Experience

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