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Jim Cornette On Jungle Boy – “Great Personality In-Ring, None In Promos”

Jungle Boy

Jim Cornette has commented on AEW star Jungle Boy and says that despite his athleticism in the ring, he lacks personality in promos.

Jungle Boy has been labelled as one of the four pillars of All Elite Wrestling and he has won over a following for his athletic endeavours in the ring. Although yet to claim gold in AEW, Jungle Boy has become one of the most popular stars among the fans for his pursuits as a single star as well as his tag teamwork in Jurassic Express.

Wrestling legend Jim Cornette has commented on the young star on his recent Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru podcast. Cornette praised Jungle Boy for his ability in the ring but thinks he has work to do in promos:

“He doesn’t do promos. He runs when they want him to do a promo. His size, but you know he’s a young underdog babyface so size doesn’t have to be a disqualifier. You know, he has a great personality in the ring, he has no personality when he’s speaking or on a camera doing an interview. He has to do his athleticism in the ring, that’s his charisma. It’s like he’s another one of these guys that just sits in a corner and looks at his phone. That’s the impression you get. So, do they label it charisma, do they label it promo, or do they label it oomph, I don’t know?”

Jungle Boy attempted to exact some revenge on Adam Cole on AEW Dynamite as the two men faced off. When Cole made his AEW debut at All Out it looked like he was going to confront The Elite before delivering a vicious superkick to Jungle Boy and reuniting with Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks. Ultimately Jungle Boy was unsuccessful, suffering a cheap low blow and a Boom knee to the back of the head for Adam Cole to remain undefeated in All Elite Wrestling.

h/t SK Wrestling for the transcription