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Jim Cornette on Jack Evans – “He Thinks He’s In The Sopranos”

Jack Evans

Speaking on the latest edition of his podcast, The Jim Cornette Experience, Jim Cornette took issue with comments on social media by Jack Evans.

Evans who has spent time in TNA, Lucha Underground and is currently signed to AEW, had earlier responded to a tweet by Lance Storm. In the message, Storm made reference to an old wrestling saying about the state of the business.

“We used to pretend to beat each other up, would barely touch each other, and fans thought it was real, so we called them Marks. Now we really beat the hell out of each other, and fans think it’s fake. Who are the Marks now?”

In response, Evans posted a six-tweet long thread detailing his dissatisfaction with Storm’s comments. The former AAA Cruiserweight Champion took aim at Storm and ‘his generation,’ suggesting that the initial statement was false. Continuing, Evans said that wrestling was safer today as a result of Storm’s generation being too stiff, also calling out those before him for “putting out a hit” on others.

Speaking on his podcast, Cornette fired back at Evans, taking issue with the idea that performers were being dropped on their heads in previous generations by dangerous moves.

Cornette continued by breaking down the thread tweet by tweet.

“Bare in mind this is a guy who’s worked outlaw shows his entire career, and never been in the ring with major stars that gave a f**k about him. This is also a guy who’s dropped his own self on his head, on a regular basis, his entire career.”

On the subject of forearms “rocking” wrestlers on a nightly basis, Cornette bemoaned how poor the strike looks today.

“I don’t even know where to begin here. Besides the fact you should know how to throw a f***ing punch if you’re a f***ing man, and these little God-damn p***y-ass flipper forearms look like sh*t. Nobody ever got rocked by a working forearm that f***ing looked like anything at all. Now the guys now, their forearms look like they barely touch each other. You can work a forearm, but anybody who got knocked out by a forearm probably deserved it.”

Later on in the thread, Evans wrote that wrestling is safer now than ever before, also referencing people in the locker room putting ‘hits’ on other wrestlers. Something Cornette passionately dismissed.

“This f***ing lunatic thinks that wrestling is safer today than ever before…

“He think’s he’s in the Soprano’s! Somebody in the locker room put a hit out on some wrestler that caused him to be butchered… Except New Jack who was doing that of his own volition…”

Cornette continued to assess Evans’ in-ring skills, commenting that he gets more wrong during his matches than he gets right, adding that if he’s not landing on his own face, he’s “landing on someone else’s.”

Jack Evans signed with AEW in 2019 after a stint with AAA. Evans was last in action on the May 29th edition of AEW Dark where he teamed with Angelico and Serpentico in defeat against The Dark Order.

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